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What Is The Best Format Of Content To Create In Business?

Video, Voice, Writing... Or Something Else?

By Cody Dakota Wooten, C.B.C.Published 3 months ago 3 min read

I have Clients and Followers ask me this question frequently...

"What Type of Content should I Create?"

It is a fascinating question to ask.

Depending on who you ask, you'll likely get several different Answers.

I'll let you know the most popular types of Content being Created (spoken from the Perspective of someone who believes THAT is the best type of Content), and then I will tell you which is Truly the Best and Why!

Video Is Best!

Our eyes are attracted to the Visuals!

It doesn't matter if we are looking at long-form or short-form Video.

People like to SEE.

You can use dynamic transitions and poppy visuals to keep the engagement going for longer!

Video is a dominant force in today's world!

YouTube and TikTok are the top players currently, but Instagram Stories and even LinkedIn have seemed to cater more to these types of Content!

Not to mention the major Binging that occurs around the world!

When you own the Visual Attention, you own the world!

There are a large number of people who SWEAR that Video is THE Dominant player when it comes to content!

Voice Is Best!

It's not about what we "See" it's about what we HEAR!

We are moved to Act by the Power and Passion of people's Voices!

When someone has that Voice, you can't help but Listen to them!

Sure, you can do a "Video", but half the time people aren't even WATCHING it!

They just LISTEN!

Radio isn't "Really" dead, it just is transitioning to meet a more personalized Demand!

It's called Podcasting, and you're probably already Listening to one!

Even better, people don't need to "Focus" on the Content here!

It "Speaks" to us Unconsciously!

You can BECOME the Voice in their Head!

Your audience could be doing ANYTHING and still gain Value from your Voice!

Many people SWEAR that Voice has been, and will always be THE Dominant player in content!

Writing Is Best!

The PEN is the mightiest tool at our disposal!

Anyone can record a video, or pull out the audio and post it!

TikTok, YouTube, and Podcasts are filled with people who should have no real power and spew nonsense!

But Writing?

That's where REAL content is created!

No one Respects the other forms.

EVERYONE Respects an Author - even when their Writing isn't that good!

Whether it is a Book, Online Articles, or even a Newsletter, THIS is where you get the BEST Information!

People who can't create good Quality Content don't last as Writers, and we prefer it that way!

When you have an Easy Problem you need help fixing, or you want to learn the basics of a topic, you go to YouTube.

When you have a Complex Problem, you find who WROTE about it!

This group will SWEAR that it is the Written word that is the Dominant player in content!

Which Is REALLY The Best?

Before I answer this question, I have to tell you something Important...

It's the wrong question to ask!

The Reality is that the Quality of your Question will determine the Quality of your Answer.

The Quality of this Question?

It's Low.

There is a SIGNIFICANTLY better Question you SHOULD be asking yourself instead...

Which Format will Demonstrate MY Strengths the Best?

Guess what?

You can Win in ANY of these types of Content.

You can also Lose in ANY of these types of Content.

Each one has Strengths and Weaknesses.

Each one Highlights different types of Content and Strengths.

Each one also Fails to Highlight other types of Content and Strengths.

The Reality is that it is not the Format that matters as much as YOU matter.

How do you best Communicate?

Which Format works best with that?

Which way can you Consistently maintain?

What you need is not to form Yourself to the Format, but to form the Format to You.

THAT will help you get the Best Results.

For me, that's Writing - but it may not be that for You.

Lock into YOU first, Identify what YOUR Strengths are, then Figure out which Type of Content Maginifies YOU!

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  • L.C. Schäfer3 months ago

    I think you have to think about your ideal audience as well. What content are THEY drawn to? Use that! And if it's not your strong suit, get better at it!

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