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Society Pages Autumn 2021

by The Vocal Creators Chronicle 7 months ago in list · updated 6 months ago
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All the best gossip, laughs and cheers from VSS & beyond

*Update: These are publishing as is for now. Remaining fun can be found in the threads on VSS*

Hello everyone,

Thank you for your patience. I've gone all out to bring you something special. The Society Pages examine the "social" part of the Vocal Social Society and socializing in general with other creators. When it comes to chatting and engaging with each other on social media, we do a lot of it. VSS has been improving its organization with the use of threads such as: Big News, Tiny Wins, Well Wishing, and the daily bonus thread so that even if you don't write for the community featured, you can still contribute.

~ Much love, Les

VSS Updates

Weekends are now reserved for poetry. Poetry is so important to creators, we've taken it out of the rotation and given it two full days each weekend.

Daily Double Threads. Don't have anything to contribute to the VSS daily thread? The bonus thread is open for everyone and involves a chance to socialize with photos, tell a tale, enter a debate or otherwise hang out. They are read swapping free. Think of it as happy hour but all day long.

Who I Am is still an ongoing project. It's got a long term plan but it's not at the front of the list. Goal is to finish it by the end of the year. Contributions can be sent to Les in VSS.


One of Les' personal Fav Poems

Top Stories

Fab 5 Winners' Bulletins

Books Releases

Highlights of Autumn 2021

The Time Julia Blanker Got Dozens of Us to Contribute to One of the Best Pay It Forwards of the Year!

Josh Lowe Made Us Laugh With Custom Memes

Hiraeth: A safe space for the male voice

Halloween Special Edition of The Vocal Creators Chronicle

Winner of the VSS Halloween Contest: Melissa Ingoldsby! Find her winning entry and more inside the Halloween edition.

Supporting Each Other in the Tough Times

Challenge Wins

2nd Place in the Graveyard Smash Challenge - Kevin Rolly

1st Place in the EmPAWyee of the Month Challenge - Jessica Conway

1st Place in the Inside Jokes Challenge - Rachel MJ

1st Place in the Fandom Challenge - Conor "Conny" Darrall

2nd Place in the Fandom Challenge - Josh Lowe

Fun & Games

The newest group on Facebook, VSS is proud to support Vocal Writers Sharing Community and its unique ideas designed to increase engagement and have fun through games and trivia. Save Saturdays for poetry and mental health support at VSS and then head over for some fun and games to VWSC for fun and games. It's a complete Vocal weekend and all part of the Vocal experience. Additional games are run on Wednesdays to get you through the mid-week slump. Brought to you by Courtney Capone. To find out more about the VWSC and how to participate, see their games explanation article below and their standard group article with the rest of the groups at the bottom.

Some Fun From the VSS Bonus Threads

I've run out of steam here. I loved doing weird words, Tell a Tale, Big News, collecting photos etc. But it became impossible to decide who should make the cut. So, all fun and games will now remain only in the VSS threads. Hope to see you there!

VSS Member Shout-Out: LORI MELTON

Lori is as kind as they come. She has gone above and beyond in responding and engaging with other members. It's like she was always there, because really if you need her she seems the type to "always be there" for you. We loved the sentiment of this piece and are sure our readers will too. Congratulations Lori!

Latest From Vocal

Navigating Your Vocal Experience

NaNoWriMo Fun

Groups to Get Your Network Going

*Those featured partner with VSS

Vocal Social Society (Update coming)

Great Incantations (Inter-group effort dedicated to Vocal Challenges)

Vocal Writers Sharing Community

Vocal Cafe

The Vocal Creators Support Group

Vocal Progressive Group For Writers & Readers

Vocal Creators Saloon

Vocal Media Creators Support Community

Vocal Creators Hub

Vocal Media Creators Support Community

Cook Book Highlights

When writing requires a refuel, these creators offer yummy recipes for every palette.

Editing Services

Magazine Issues Vol. 3-5

Previous Issue of the Society Pages


~Return to Magazine~

That's it for this issue folks. Did you notice something truly special we left out that needs to get quick-edited in? Message Les through the VCC inbox. Have something that should go in the next issue? Take a screenshot snap and send it know who. For snaps and Society Page gossip, send them through the inbox on The Chronicle's Facebook page.

**NOTE: Les is taking a break to focus on Fiction and her book**


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First published Autumn 2021 by Call Me Les for The Vocal Creators Chronicle.


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