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Why Vocal Is For Everyone

Readers are as important as creators in the Vocal Community. Here's why readers should join Vocal today.

By Call Me LesPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 4 min read
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I genuinely believe Vocal is THE place to drop my writing creations—I wouldn't have co-founded the Vocal Social Society if I didn't. In fact, I went into detail about my thoughts on writing for Vocal in my previous piece, Forget Insta-Famous. Aspire to be Vocal-Famous.

"For anyone publishing quality writing online, Vocal could be your big break, and that's true for creators of all genres, backgrounds, and experience-levels." — Call Me Les

One of the many things I love about Vocal, specifically, is that the platform is inclusive. As my sign off always states: Vocal is for everyone. At first glance you might assume I was only referring to creators, but that sentiment has more than one side; allow me to elaborate.

When I write that Vocal is for everyone, I mean EVERYONE: your friends, co-workers, family—that weird neighbour who always stands a little too close—EVERYONE in your life. And when they ask you why they should be reading, here's a short list of reasons to suggest Vocal to the people in your circle.

You Get a Lot for a Little

Aside from the high quality content, the primary reason readers should choose Vocal is because the platform is ads-free and pay-wall free. Unlike other reading sites, which limit the number of reads you can enjoy before being asked to open your wallet, Vocal content is UNLIMITED. This means your readers can enjoy as many stories as they want without any annoying pop-ups demanding they either pay up, or wait until their reads reset. When your readers go on a reading binge on Vocal, the only tab they risk running up is a list of subscriptions!

That's right: Subscribe has landed. Now members can enjoy content from all their favourites right in their newsfeed. For the official Vocal press release click here. Reminder: although you can enjoy reading on Vocal without joining, the free membership allows you to utilize the subscription feed. And if a subscription newsfeed on Vocal isn't the freshest new way to ease into your day (or out of it), I'm not sure what is.

Vocal Is Better Than Streaming

Vocal is not data heavy. You can easily browse a Vocal article on the go with limited data usage and no previous planning to pre-download the content. I can't begin to list how many times I've wished I was one of those 'planner-types' who keeps shows loaded on their phone for dull moments. No, my mind is always on the fly. Since I'm not a CandyCrush kind of gal, I know only too well the dilemma of either reading the news, which almost always lowers my productivity for the day, or succumbing to the temptation of streaming services. The latter means I frequently incur the expense of data usage fees. An article on Vocal is not only better for my wallet, it's better for my brain, too.

Reading Is Food for the Soul

There's just something about the written word that does wonders for our body & mind that nothing else can, and it doesn't matter whether we read it from a book, a screen or have it read to us. When we read we transcend time and space. We live thousands of alternate lives; see what can't be seen and hear what can't be heard. Art and music feed us too—and don't get me wrong; I love them—but with art and music, what you see and hear is what you get. If you sit two people down in front of the same book and ask them to describe what they saw and heard while reading it, their answer will always be different and often vary wildly. In this biased author's opinion, there will never be a substitute for literature for it is the very essence of imagination.

Next Steps

Readers: We love you. Thank you for allowing us into your minds. Please continue to browse our work for we love entertaining you. If you haven't already joined as a member, we hope the incentive of a subscription newsfeed tips you over the edge.

Creators: When you choose to share your work on social media, don't just drop it amongst fellow creators. Take a lesson from Vocal and be sure to drop it somewhere public, too!


Vocal is for everyone. Join Vocal+ today and start building your portfolio alongside thousands of talented authors.


First published August 10, 2021 by Call Me Les

You can connect with Les on Facebook and Instagram.

Cheers, folks! And remember, it's always "better to be happy than dignified."—Jane Eyre, Charlotte Brontë


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