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Is Career The Most Trending Thing Now?

by Harmion Morris 3 years ago in career

With lots of career options and the desire for a better life, youngsters are ready to select an offbeat career instead of routine 9 to 5 jobs, and face challenges along the way.

Is Career The Most Trending Thing Now?
Career : The Most Trending Thing

With the ever-evolving nature of workplace and a paradigm shift in how professionals operate in the corporate world, work life is witnessing a vast change as more individuals are inclined to select offbeat career options instead of the traditional ones. Today, the millennial generation is open to exploring new career options and following their passion, which allows them to choose part-time or gig jobs instead of settling for the normal 9 to 5 desk jobs. Just as research is done before finalizing a university or deciding which movie an individual should catch over the weekend, the youngsters have become choosy and do not mind doing an in-depth analysis before opting for a career.

Why is choosing a career the center of attraction?

As the times are changing, so are the career choices. The youngsters that form a substantial part of the workforce are now opening up to new vistas and do not mind working as a yoga teacher, stand-up comedian, travel blogger, or doodling for a living. The individuals who had limited choices in school and were coerced to take up traditional graduate courses have now openly come out with their preferences and are willing to cross the necessary barriers to achieve success. They are not afraid to make quirky choices and have the guts to follow their heart.

What was the reason for this change?

It has been observed that many individuals do the job just to get a fixed monthly income and promotions, neglecting passion or job satisfaction. As they do not pay heed to intrinsic feelings and tend to sideline their key interests, they often end up feeling frustrated and are left with no enthusiasm in life. In contrast to this, individuals from today's generation have a better idea of where they want to be in the future and what the things are that they desire in life. They have a better understanding of their skills, have discovered what they are really passionate about and are ready to settle for portfolio careers or start their own ventures instead of going after industry bigwigs that guarantee lucrative packages. Also, youngsters are eager to try out different opportunities to understand their core strengths and recognize what gives them a sense of satisfaction. Therefore, they do not mind holding off a year or two before actually deciding what they want to be in life and are making conscious decisions after weighing all pros and cons.

Why has selecting an appropriate career become so important?

With the changing and fierce job market, the need to select the right career has finally been getting its due recognition as the hunt for the best candidates becomes more intense within organizations. Therefore, before an individual zeros in on an interest or a particular field, it has become essential that a person assesses his/her skills and personality traits to decide if the chosen field would be right in the long term. For instance, if a student who has always been inclined towards sketching or drawing artistic portraits for the front cover of a college magazine takes up a core development job against his/her wishes, the chances of failing at it are obviously greater. When an individual takes up a job against their liking, not only does it demoralize him/her, but also lessens the urge to learn something new in life. One's confidence levels take a hit as the individual draws a circumference and is scared to push the boundaries once a comfort zone has been attained. Hence, it is important to understand character traits to avoid making mistakes in choosing a career. When a final decision on a career is made, read professional resume samples (BSR) that suits your field.

Who helped put the stress on career choice?

Even if job satisfaction is rare, as an individual always looks for better opportunities and handsome salaries, filling a role that a person does not truly enjoy can drain him/her emotionally and also be the cause of altered behaviors. Therefore, more people are coming forward to take guidance from career counselors or seek advice from a career coach who helps them mold the future as per their desires. With rapid technological advances and emerging new fields, finding a career that suits an individual's personality has become a topic of paramount importance. As a result, individuals are not shy of approaching a career coach to understand their skill sets and know which areas need to be improved. These career counselors can help an individual change his/her perspective towards a field and also share knowledge about the prerequisites for a job profile. They can even act as morale boosters for individuals wanting to opt for offtrack careers and help to set small benchmarks for the traditional options.

What role has the industry played in choosing the right career? As the demand for a skilled workforce becomes transparent, hiring managers are clear about the things they are looking in a resume. The bottom line is that if you are someone who does not want to wake up at odd hours, listen to the grunts of a client, and wants to have a flexible work schedule, then you should look at the alternate career options that promise more satisfaction and assist you in maintaining a healthy work-life balance that suits your needs.

Harmion Morris
Harmion Morris
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