How to Self-Publish

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A Few Basic Steps I Took

How to Self-Publish

Step One: Finding a Passion to Express.

DO NOT just choose something you have any doubt you can really express.

No matter what kind of writer you are (poet, novelist, etc.), you can accomplish publishing your work.

However, it will require lots of time, energy, and patience. That’s why you need to passionate about it; being more into it will make it much easier.

To find something you are passionate about, try making a list of things you enjoy doing, watching, hearing, etc.

Step Two: Writing and Editing

Writing is art, and even though “anyone” can do it, it is something that must come from the heart. If you stress it too much, it’ll become frail and even harder on you to pursue and complete.

Once you have completed your work, DO NOT overlook the need to edit and review. Try to find a few different people in your life that can read through and notice things you may have had no idea were an issue.

This is where the time factor comes in again. Editing seems tedious and boring and awful, especially when you’ve written 400 pages and you think you have read and know every chapter by heart to the point of nearly hating it because of how sick you are of it; yet it will be worth it in the end. You don’t want those embarrassing little mistakes to show up after you’ve published and distributed your book for people to see.

Writing and editing have many steps, even more so since most people have their own way of doing it all. You must have a message, and if you really want to leave an impact, the passion you feel for this topic, you must make it relatable by using imagery, emotion, and realistic effects. Even if your writing is fiction, it can be made relatable.

Step Three: Finding the Site/Program/Organization to Print/Distribute

There are many sites or organizations to choose from, BUT it is crucial that you choose one that suits you and your needs. DO NOT just sell the rights of your hard work to some random first site you find.

It isn’t exactly fun or quick to do, but research some of the options. Look up multiple reviews and see which one you think will be the most beneficial.

While it's yet another step that takes time, it is dire to the pursuit of self-publishing.

Some examples are, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, etc. Some have royalties, some do not.

Step Four: Advertising Options

Since you have chosen to self-publish and not sell your work to a publisher to do it for you, you will need to also spread the word of your work, too. DO NOT fear, but do not go too far above your budget when it comes to spending money on getting your name out there. Sometimes you must spend money to make money, but that also doesn’t mean spending more than you really have.

You can advertise in many ways; some you may have known of, just never really realized you would do before. For example, Facebook offers budgeted promotion offers and ways to boost certain posts you make over your work.

This step doesn’t take a lot of time, depending on how in depth you want to get with it, but it does require taking the leap to spend money before you make money on your work.

Step Five: Share your story!

Finally, don’t forget you have lots of easy and free ways to express and share your work! There’s Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. There are many options out there, you just need to find them. Do not hold yourself back for fear being embarrassed by your work because the best writers are bound to be embarrassed; it is natural.

It is just as easy as posting a selfie or a status about how exciting or awful your day has been, anyone can do it!

This step is one that will take time and patience. Even though posting about your work and having friends or family share it doesn’t seem to do much, give it time. Good things come to those who wait.

Mel E. Furnish
Mel E. Furnish
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