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"For He Was "Ugly," His Mom & Dad Dumped Him.

Without Notification, he paid them a visit years later.

By Chuks Gad NwaigwePublished 23 days ago 4 min read
Fact about Kyle,..

Every kid deserves love and care, no matter how they look. When Kyle was born, his parents struggled with their initial reaction, which ultimately led them to leave him.

Years later, Kyle surprised them with a visit, and the outcome was beyond anyone's expectations.

Despite being labeled as an "ugly baby," Kyle grew into a handsome and successful man.

Oya let dive in..

Stephen and Rita had dreams of a big family, imagining exceptional children with remarkable features and towering heights. However, their journey was filled with challenges.

Hailing from humble backgrounds, they prioritized work and saving money over pursuing higher education. Their modest dreams included owning a small business and having enough to support their family, with occasional vacations.

In their late twenties, they felt financially prepared to start a family. After a wedding surrrounded by loved ones, they eagerly anticipated the arrival of their child. Rita soon became pregnant.

At 18 weeks, the couple went for an ultrasound and discovered they were expecting a boy.

Stephen couldn't contain his excitement upon hearing the news. He embraced Rita tightly, exclaiming, "He's going to take after me! I'm going to be a dad... Ha!"

However, soon it became evident that Stephen's understanding of fatherhood might have been flawed.

The pregnancy progresseds smoothly until one sunny Saturday morning when Rita's water broke, and they rushed to the hospital.

In the labor room, Rita bravely faced the challenges of childbirth, unaware of the test their love was about t0 endure.

As doctors hurried Rita into emergency surgery due to complications, she remained hopeful.

Twenty agonizing minutes later, their baby boy arrived, but the joyous moment turned somber when the doctors gasped in surprise.

The baby was born with hypertrichosis, causing excessive hair and a hunchback. Despite deserving love and care, the parents' reactions were heart-wrenching.

Upon seeing him, Rita recoiled, demanding the nurses take him away, disowning him as her own.

"This can't be my child! What did you do to him?" she shouted.

Stephen's respoonse was equally distressing. He felt no connection with the boy, causing a scene in the hospital and blaming the doctors for his appearance.

The doctors apologized for missing such an important detail from the scan.

However, they asssured the couple that they would pay for the surgery to remove the hump.

The couple was left in confusion. Where would they get the money for the operation? And for ongoing medical care?

Instead of happpiness, the couple was overwhelmed with distress.

They spent sleepless nights worrying about people's judgment when they saw their child.

Unfortunately, the little boy was frequently ill, leading the couple to realize that this wasn't the life they envisioned.

Their dreams of business success and yearly vacations seemed unattainable if they spent all their earnings on their son's care.

They despised the new direction their lives were taking.

One lonely and somber night, they made a decision: "We'll give the boy away. Perhaps he'll find someone who can give him the life he deserves."

Little did they know, this decision would haunt them in the future.

When the time came, they took the boy to the orphanage, said their farewells, and left his life forever.

They never expected to see him again after a few years.

Kyle grew up to be a thoughtful, obedient, and lovable boy at the orphanage. Despite his appearance, he struggled to find a family due to constant rejection.

At seven years old, Kyle began to lose hope of ever being adopted.

He experienced heartbreak every time he bid farewell to an adopted friend, with no one coming to pick him up.

However, on Kyle's ninth birthday, fortune finally smiled upon him. John and Elizabeth, a childless couple in their late 40s, decided to adopt.

When they visited the orphanage, they were drawn to Kyle's resilience and inner strength, despite his struggles.

"We saw his potential and felt a strong connection," Elizabeth remarked. "We wanted to support him in achieving his dreams."

After adopting Kyle, they showered him with love and attention, despite his physical appearance.

Despite undergoing surgery to remove his hump, Kyle still faced challenges due to his excessive hair.

But he learned to accept himself and not let others' perceptions define him.

After being accepted into a college medical program, Kyle pursued his dream of becoming a surgeon.

As a dedicated healthcare provider, he made countless sacrifices to save lives.

Years later, Kyle encountered a patient who bore a striking resemblance to him. Despite the uncanny similarities, he remained silent throughout the surgery.

After a successful operation, Kyle approached the patient's wife to deliver the good news.

However, what he witnessed next left him stunned.

The woman resembled him closely, especially in her ears and eyes.

To make matters worse, she burst into tears upon seeing him, overwhelmed with emotion.

After composing herself, she revealed that her son also bore a resemblance to Kyle, despite his unique features.

"Even though we gave up on our son, we regret our decision every day," she confessed. "Who knows, he could have been a doctor like you."

Before she could say more, Kyle left like a chased fowl, overwhelmed with conflicting emotions.

He realized that the patient was likely the child his parents had abandoned years ago.

Later with a heavy heart, Kyle confronted his biological parents, urging them to face the consequences of their actions.

In a tender moment, he forgave them, allowing them to find peace and happiness in their lives.

Deciding to keep his identity hidden, Kyle focused on the future, leaving the past behind him(he'd say: ‘let by-gone be by-gone bro’).


Please note that dates weren't recorded because the story came from a life experence narrated by an old dude named ‘Stephen’ to the editorial board, you know.

Hope you enjoyed this piece.

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    My heart broke for Kyle 😭😭😭😭😭😭

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