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20 Simple Ways to Increase Productivity

By adopting some of these practises, you are making the right moves toward improving your productivity.

By Munnazir ZarinPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
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Every successful businessperson promises you their secret "productivity strategies." . Of course, there are certain basic productivity methods you can use, like as taking small breaks, making good to-do lists, and rejecting social media.

We've identified some of the most effective productivity tactics you can use, but keep in mind that these are not hacks. There is no productivity hack; only new habits can be implemented to try to be better, more efficient employees. By adopting some of these practises, you are making the right moves toward improving your productivity.

Any of these strategies for increasing output should be considered.

1. Make your space more functional.

Take a few time at the start of each day to tidy and clear your desk before doing anything else. You may substantially enhance your productivity and reduce the time you spend looking for stuff by cleaning and arranging your environment.

2. Incorporate flashes of colour or real plants.

Accessory company Turnstone, colour may have a significant impact on your attitude and productivity throughout the day. Blue has a relaxing effect and can help you focus, whereas red is good for work that requires accuracy and attention to detail. Plants can also help individuals concentrate: According to a study conducted by the American Society for Horticultural Science, workers who were exposed to plants at their workplace were less stressed and more productive.

3. Personalize your office.

Decorating your desk or cubicle with a few personal knickknacks, in addition to adding some colour and plants, will make you feel more comfortable, which can enhance your productivity. Awards, and other ornamental items that will make you feel appreciated and motivated.

4. Complete your most feared chore first.

Every person has that one task they keep putting off because they fear the thought of really doing it. Matthews says that it's the task you should tackle first. Instead of leaving things till the last minute, get it off your plate as soon as possible. Your other chores will appear less overwhelming in comparison, and you will stop worrying about that one task all day, allowing you to be more productive overall.

5. Prioritize and distribute your other responsibilities.

Your attention should be drawn to the most important things first, so consider everything you do and how important or insignificant it is. Set aside low-priority projects if possible and devise a plan to delegate or outsource them so you can spend more time on the things that offer more value to your position and the company, productivity business coach and founder of Smart Business Mom.

6. Disable your email notifications.

Instead of reading every email that arrives in your inbox, try turning off notifications and checking messages only at predetermined intervals. Why? Constant email notifications on your phone or laptop can disrupt your concentration. According to Alex Moore, CEO of email productivity tool Boomerang, it takes 64 seconds for a person to recover from being interrupted by an email notice.

7. Determine your most effective work hours.

When people are most productive varies from person to person. For example, are you a night owl or a morning person? It is critical to determine which hours of the day you are most aware and attentive, and then devote those hours to your most important work. If you work from home and set your own hours, this is a fantastic tactic to maximise your productivity.

If you are unable to design a timetable around your most productive work hours, consider structuring your priorities in your present schedule based on the hours of your workday when you are most aware. Your productivity peaks are typically in 90- to 120-minute increments.

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