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Wonderful friends

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By Phàng Văn DuyPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Wonderful friends
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On a beautiful, hot day in the middle of summer, because it was so hot, I wanted to go swimming. Not far from my house, there is a lake, probably nearly 2000m², so I planned to go there to swim. I thought it wouldn't be fun to go alone, so I invited A few friends went along for fun, so I invited three more friends and went along the way there. The four of us saw a girl who was also pretty, so the four of us all liked it, but no one dared.came close to start a conversation and only dared to look after me, then one person in my group suddenly said hey or should I go talk and asked for Facebook so the 3 of us didn't let them because in case he went to talk and then left. If we became a couple, we would leave our friends, so we decided that no one would start a conversation, then the four of us gathered together and went to the lake, then everyone took off their clothes and jumped into the pool, swimming for probably almost 2 hours, so we decided to go home and then come home.Halfway there, one of my friends said it would be best to go to a bar to drink a few glasses of ice water and then go home, so the four of us decided to go to a bar and order 4 glasses of water, but do you know what?The pretty girl that we met on our way to the bathroom turned out to be an employee at the bar where we went to drink, so the 4 of us denied our girlish personality.I decided that each of us would go and start a flirtatious conversation to see who would win her heart, so then one by one we went, I was the last one, the first one went and talked for a few words then returned to my seat.then said that I'm not her type then the second and third person said the same thing and then I thought that this time I will definitely be her lover but what do you know?No, I walked up to her and greeted her by name, then I asked her if she had a boyfriend. She immediately replied (I have a husband). I said that, I was so embarrassed, I immediately turned around and went back to my seat. Already The other kids asked why she said something, so I said she said I'm not her type, then after paying for the water, we got halfway back and then I said why didn't you guys tell me that she had it?husband, then the other 3 guys burst out laughing and said that there are blessings and hardships, and then I realized that it was because they were afraid of losing face that they intentionally said they weren't her type so that the other one would be left alone. Don't lose face in front of your friends. People often say that these are good friends, but I don't know where they're good. They just make each other lose face.

I feel like time is passing so quickly that I'm already 20 years old, I think it was yesterday that I just graduated from school, this life goes by like a breeze, if you don't catch it, then It will be a hopeless past, so be afraid to cherish what you have in case one day it passes away and you won't be able to turn back time. Once it has passed, it will only be memories.

If life is unfair to you, you have to face it until the end. If you feel that life is very stressful, you should think that there are many people who have much more difficult times and still live. Happy because for them family is the most important thing in life If you are bankrupt, you must try your best to lose something bad and you will get a reward


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  • Esala Gunathilake2 months ago

    Liked wonderful friends.

Phàng Văn DuyWritten by Phàng Văn Duy

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