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She Said No!

She Honestly Wasn't Going To Do It.

By Carol TownendPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
She Said No!
Photo by Gemma Evans on Unsplash

"No!" She said.

"No! No! No!"

She sat in the Cafe, eying up the beautiful rainbow cake in front of her. She was supposed to be on a mission to eat less cake; it wasn't that she needed to lose weight, but she had pledged to be more healthy.

The cake winked at her, and its colours sparkled as it did.

She could smell the sugary sweetness in the air, and the delicate smell of strawberries.

She suddenly felt so hungry!

By Anthony DeMarino on Unsplash

She eyed up the creamy soft butter icin coated with fine sugared strands, and then she noticed the luscious coloured biscuits that decorated the bottom of the cake.

"No! No! No," I must not give in to temptation!

Now, she stood there in two minds.

"Shall I, or Shall I not?" she asked herself.

She walked back to her table, took a seat and sighed;

She was really tempted to eat that cake!

Suddenly, the temptation became too much.

"Screw it!" She said. "You only live once!"


She bought the fucking annoying but delicious cake!

She said to herself,

"Screw eating like a rabbit. I'm only human!"

She forgot that she was on a diet, and then he walked in and distracted her.

She only meant to eat one piece, but she had a crush on this man-cake covered in layers of chocolate fondant.

"Hi!" She greeted him.

"Hi, I'm Cake," the man introduced himself.

"I'm cake-eater stroke healthy-eater," she replied.

"I can be healthy too, if you want me to be!" Cake told her.

She had already eaten six slices since she met this man, and she sure as hell couldn't eat anymore.

She tried to resist.

"No! No! No! I mustn't," she protested.

"I've eaten enough already," she added.

Cake wasn't having any of it. He loved flirting with the women.

How dare she turn him down!

He leaned over the table and fluttered his sugar-coated lashes at her, and said,

"You know you want to! I'm lush, and your mouth is watering. Come on, just one bite of me won't hurt!"

Cake-eater stroke healthy-eater couldn't take anymore. He had been flirting with her for over twenty minutes, and her mouth was watering!

"Just one bite," she told him, dipping her finger in the gorgeous vanilla fondant around his head.

He tasted amazing!

She tried hard to resist the temptation of eating anymore, but she couldn't stop herself.

She knew she would regret this and tried to stop herself again.

"Come on! I have spongey goodness for you to finish!" Cake told her.

She was desperate to stop, but the fruity, sweet icing, delicate, fragrant strawberry sponge combined with the chocolate was too much.

She indulged and indulged until there was nothing left of the cake.

She felt sad when she saw the last crumb; she ate that too. She was going to miss cake even though she was supposed to be healthy.

When she had finished, she headed home. She felt full and tired from all that eating, but she had to be up early for work the next morning. She was really thirsty, so she opened her fridge and grabbed a juice. However, when she opened the fridge, Cake was sitting on a plate!

This was getting too much.

Cake smiled at her, and then he said,

"Hi, I'm Cake. You know that you want to eat me."

"No! No! No!" Cake-eater stroke healthy-eater protested.

She shut the door for a few minutes, trying hard to resist temptation. After a few minutes, she reopened the door and said,

"Fuck it! I'm eating that cake!"

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