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Sense of Humor Jokes That'll Leave You in Stitches

By Rio slothPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
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1. Why do researchers not believe in atoms?

They are everything because they are!

2. How do a snowman and a snowwoman vary from one another?


3. Why don't skeletons clash with one another?

They lack the guts to do it!

4. Have you read about the mathematician who is terrified of negative numbers?

To get away from them, he will do everything!

5. How come the scarecrow received a prize?

He excelled in his field and was a great man!

6. Which wall addressed the other wall?

At the corner, I'll meet you.

7. Why don't you ever see elephants hiding in trees?

Because they're so good at it!

8. What caused the tomato to become red?

because it saw the salad dressing!

9. What time is ideal for a dental visit?


10. What prevented the bicycle from returning home?

mainly because it got misplaced!

11. How should a space party be planned?

"Planet" you!

12. The golfer brought two pairs of trousers, but why?

should he hit a hole-in-one?

13. What is fake spaghetti known as?

The impasta!

14. The tomato became blue for what reason?

since it saw the salad dressing!

15. What results when breeding a vampire and a snowman?


16. How is a penguin's home constructed?

Igloo it collectively!

17. What do you name a bee that is unable to decide?

A perhaps!

18. How can a squirrel be caught?

Climb a tree and behave erratically!

19. What do you call a snowman with a six-pack?

An abdominal snowman!

20. Why can't eggs joke around?

Considering that they could laugh!

21. Why did the maths book appear dejected?

because there were too many issues!

22. How should a space party be planned?

"Planet" you!

23. How come the scarecrow received a prize?

He excelled in his field and was a great man!

24. How is a cucumber transformed into a pickle?

It undergoes a startling event!

25. How did the bicycle come to a halt?

As a result of its two tires!

26. What is the name of a bear without teeth?

a candy bear

27. Why did the maths book seem depressed?

because there were too many issues with it!

28. What is the name of a cow without legs?

pounded beef

29. What message did the sea send to the shore?

Nothing, just a wave.

30. Why couldn't the leopard engage in a game of hide and seek?

because he could never go unnoticed!

31. What do you call a six-pack-wearing snowman?

a stomach-based snowman!

32. How do you catch a squirrel?

Climb a tree and act like a nut!

33. What did the grape say when it got stepped on?

Nothing, it just let out a little wine!

34. What's brown and sticky?

A stick!

35. Why couldn't the bicycle stand up by itself?

It was two-tired!

36. What did the big flower say to the little flower?

"Hi, bud!"

37. How does a train eat?

It goes chew, chew!

38. What do you call a fish wearing a crown?

King of the sea!

39. Why couldn't the bicycle find its way home?

Because it lost its bearings!

40. How does a cucumber become a pickle?

It goes through a jarring experience!

41. Why don't eggs tell jokes?

Because they might crack up!

45. Why did the scarecrow win an award?

Because he was outstanding in his field!

46. What do you call a bear with no teeth?

A gummy bear!

47. How does a penguin build its house?

Igloos it together!

Remember, laughter is the best medicine! Enjoy these jokes and have a good time!


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