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Lack of Goof

Goofiness is your out. Use it for everything.

By Carmen PetraliaPublished 7 months ago 4 min read
Kharz, Vinnie. “Goofing Around.” SoundCloud, Accessed 8 Nov. 2023.

What is goof?

Goof is a lovely term used to describe an individual who is goofy. Ha! Goof is definitively a mistake, or something stupid. Colloquially, it’s somebody who jokes around, makes fun out of anything, and overall has a good time. Goof is being carefree and unserious. Goofiness can lead to laughter or very blank stares. There is no right or wrong way to be goofy. The only wrong way to be goofy is to not be goofy at all. Goofballs exist at every corner. Debatably, there is a goofball inside us all. Interestingly enough, there is an utter lack of goof in the air of society. What the goof happened?

Where’d the goof go?

The goof may feel like it’s gone, but it never left. It’s hiding away from those who believe in the definition of the word. Those rascals made it seem as if goofiness is shameful and immature. What’s really a shame is not having fun because of such a silly concept. The truth is that most people are goofy by nature. We just don’t show it to the public eye. The goofballs reign superior behind closed doors, but out in the wild is a different story. Goofing around for anyone to see can be a stomach-wrenching feeling. Other people judging us is scary, so we save the goof for those who will laugh with us. Whether you’re a full-time goofball, or a stay-at-home goofball, you are still a goofball. The goof is always lurking under the surface, but cannot always make a grand appearance; our shy, little star.

Why’d the goof stop?

Is there something wrong with being a goofball? Hell no! Nevertheless, acting like a fool is not something that people want to get caught up in. Sometimes, people get intimidated by their image and forget that being a goofball wipes the importance of that away. There is definitely a cringe factor to goofing off like nobody’s around. Some may sacrifice their nobility for a potential moment of internet fame, but just for funsies? That would be despicable. Being goofy can be seen as unprofessional and childish, but it is natural.

Goofing off is so innate it’s a wonder people don’t slip up more often. We are reprimanded in the workplace, in school and near the pool for ‘horsing around’. There can be real consequences for having a singular silly bone in your body. There’s a chance that people won’t take you seriously at all if they see you crack a joke. This can be so detrimental that I don’t blame anyone for dismissing their goofy side. Have you ever been scolded whilst in the middle of laughing? Yeah, that’ll wipe the smile clean off your face, and make you ponder if being goofy is worth it anymore.

When can we be goofy?

As much as I want to say ‘all the time’ it’s not realistic. Being goofy all the time is a mastery that only the goofiest of goofballs can achieve. To goof off in any setting unscathed is an art in and of itself. But like I said, it’s innate, so why not relax, and practice until perfect? You will be constantly making a fool of yourself, but whatever. Personally, I do that whether I’m trying to or not. It’s relatable anyways. However, for us less experienced goofballs, there is a time and place for the floofy goof. During a job interview, you may want to hold it back and be serious. Goofiness at funerals usually doesn’t bode well either. Goofing around in the middle of wedding vows will certainly piss someone off.

Being respectfully goofy is part of the art. Knowing when a moment is sacred and goof is off-limits is often left up to the goofball masters. If you’re still in your practicing goof era, there will be many mistakes made. To your advantage, that is exactly part of being goofy. Making mistakes, and making a fool of yourself, is what being a good goofball is. There is beauty in being awkward. It can force you to care less about other people’s opinions and be your true self, a wonderful, little goofball.

Who’s a goof?

I’m a goof, he’s a goof, she’s a goof, and we’re all goofs, hey! All of us. Are. Goofballs. When you lose touch of your goofiness, think back to childhood. Not a care in the world, poking fun at people, being kind of annoying; it’s great. We can learn a lot about children. The way they operate is based on their feelings and sensations in their body. If they feel uncomfortable, they might start crying. If they feel queasy, they might grab their stomach and double over. Similarly, if they feel a sudden burst of energy, they might wiggle their shoulders, or dance around a bit. Something excites a kid? Now they’re giggling like a mad scientist. Their food tasted yummy? The child is now grinning and saying ‘mmm’ for everyone to hear. So get in touch with your inner child for this part. Have a conversation with them and see where you rank on their goofy meter. You’re probably doing terribly. I know my little self would be disappointed to see how regular I’ve become. All in all, you’ve still got it in you, do not fret.

How can we get the goof back?

Goofiness is infectious. It’s goddamn fun and no one actually cares what you do anyway. Get your goof on, girl. We all have it in us. It’s only a matter of time before we freak out and start goofing around all the time, right? Or is that just me? All it takes is realizing how much fun it is to be goofy. To see how people react can actually be great. They could give you a dirty look, or join in and make both of your days. Make it a game for yourself to do weird sh*t in public and laugh to yourself at people’s facial reactions. Okay, now I sound like a weirdo. Welp, you caught me! Gotta go!


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A little lady from Chicago itching to rid herself of the overload of ideas stuck in her brain.

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  • Carol Townend7 months ago

    Being goofy is good for the soul. Me and my husband do it every day.

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