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Finding Your Creative Niche

From one chaotic creative to another.

By Carmen PetraliaPublished 7 months ago 3 min read
A chaotic painting of mine from college

Creativity is chaos. There can be organized chaos within creative spaces, but chaos is chaos, man. What are you gonna do about it? Embrace it. The most cliche answer possible, yet the truth bears its ugly face in this form again. Embracing when we most feel stressed can lead to a more open environment to create our best work. By ‘best work’ I mean the work we feel fulfilled doing. It may not get us to that higher status so many of us strive for, but that’s not why we’re here, is it?

Being a creative person is incredibly complicated and annoying. The ebbs and flows one can experience can drive a person mad. The lack of consistency and the unpredictability leaves us feeling, well, chaotic. A lot of times, when in this state, we forget how powerful this energy is. Being ‘all over the place,’ or ‘scatter-brained’ have been portrayed as regretful positions to be in. I respectfully disagree.

Taking in every ounce of wild energy we can get may be the ultimate answer. Falling prey to the creative beast that screams to get out may just release us from the deadly clutches of reality. Recognizing that you are not alone in your chaos is just the beginning. For one, there is not an artist out there who doesn’t have some unfinished projects. None of us are reaching those unrealistic aspirations we think should be done already, but realistically take years of grueling, chaotic work. We cannot pursue every idea in our messed up, crafty-ass minds. Eventually, maybe.

Letting yourself submit to the process is easier said than done. Hell, I can’t do it either. But damn, let’s at least try. That restrictive energy that’s so pent up must be released. Our atmosphere is lacking that unhinged realm of weirdness we all have inside. It’s itching to get out, but capitalism stomps it down time and time again. Fight that. Or better yet, let it take over. Let that feeling consume you, and screw what you’re ‘supposed’ to do.

We’ve come to a time where we’re realizing how toxic it is to follow the footsteps of whoever the f*ck. It’s unnecessary and a waste of precious time to do what’s already been done. Finding inspiration from others is not included, but copying them? Nope. Not allowed here. Every single one of us, creative or not, has original thoughts. Our world is ever changing and our backgrounds are increasingly different. We are the same in the sense of being kooky, odd individuals with many thoughts, opinions and ideas.

What I’m asking of you is to, for once, forget about the social norms (not murder, please and thank you), and let your freak flag fly. This is one of the best ways to find your creative niche. Without it you might fall into someone else’s creative niche. First, make a list of all the things that make you happy. Or try. It’s hard at first, but eventually you cannot stop. See if there’s anything you gain energy from doing. Second, do at least one of those happy activities everyday. Maybe you’ll feel that creative boost the first day or the seventy-seventh. Who knows? Please find out for your own sake. Third, shut the f*ck up and stop appeasing to others all the time. Care about your loved ones, but don’t lose sight of your truth.

It all sounds dumb when I read it over. That’s okay. Must be my creative niche? Okay, but does it really sound dumb to me? No. When I read this from a viewer's perspective, maybe yes. Yet, that is not why I’m here. I do it for you, but I do it because it’s what’s interesting to me. It feels remarkably inspirational to me, and my only hope is it does the same for you. Sharing the love is cheesy, but will always be a priority. Perhaps the love will spread and give you the ability to live your most genuine, fulfilling life. Who knows? Please go find out.


About the Creator

Carmen Petralia

A little lady from Chicago itching to rid herself of the overload of ideas stuck in her brain.

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    Carmen PetraliaWritten by Carmen Petralia

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