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I Will Flash on You!

Afraid to Know What it Means

By Shelby Hagood Published 6 months ago 3 min read

My freshman year of college was finally here! No more high school. A new life shall start. It was finally the time of when we settle into exactly what we wish to be for the rest of our days. I knew I wanted to be a computer programmer. Everyone warned me that this would attract weird people. Didn’t people say that same thing about art students though? Business students are weird to me for making their life about money. Medical people are probably all psychopaths right?

I walk into my first class of the day and sit down next to a couple of guys. There is only about three girls in the class. The first guy next to me introduces himself as Steve. I tell him my name is Toby. We start talking a bit about what dorm houses we are staying in when a guy with a deerstalker hat walks in. He looks like a detective with his coat and tie. It was August, so it seemed a bit much to have a coat on but people could become cold easily in the air conditioning I guess.

“Hey, Danny, come sit with me and Toby,” he waves to him, “Danny is my roommate.” He comes over and sits by us.

“Hey Danny, what do you think about your first day?” I asked him.

“Do you think they have a murder mystery club here, or one could start?” he started right in with the question and the subject matter explained the hat instantly.

“Maybe, seems like you should be an English major huh Danny?” I wondered at him jokingly. He didn’t catch my light tone and he became upset.

“I want to code too!” He snapped back, “Don’t make me flash on you!”

“I didn’t mean it as an offense,” I tried to help the situation but the professor walked in and he shushed me. After the class ended, I was going to say more to Danny, but he ran out of the room. It was around lunch time, so I decided to head to the café area.

When I walked into the café, Danny was already seated and had his food. I went to get mine. I settled for getting a bowl of Mac and cheese, a sandwich, and a cookie. I sat down next to Danny. He had a brownie on his plate. I didn’t see any brownies when I was looking for desserts. He must have ran to the cafe to make sure he had one.

A soccer player came over and picked up his brownie plate. “This nerd caught the brownies right away,” he displayed the chocolate up high.

Danny screeched, “Put that down or I will flash on you!”

“Flash? What the hell does that mean you creep?” He stuffed the brownie into his mouth and waited.

“How dare you!” Danny was angry and started grabbing for something in his backpack. He whipped out the metal and I cringed, closing my eyes. There was a flash of light and I opened them. What I thought was going to be a gun was a flashlight flickering in the soccer players eyes.

I breathed a sign of relief and told myself to stop being so paranoid. The cafeteria lady came by with a fresh batch of brownies. “Just for you, honey. Sorry for the delay. The brownies are so popular,” she put a brownie on his plate and turned to scold the soccer player, “Anthony, don’t go around eating the freshman’s food or I’ll ban you from the café.

“Sorry Ms. Fredda, thought I was about to get shot there for a second,” Anthony apologized and walked stiffly with all his confidence gone to grab his own bowl of Mac and cheese.

“So flashing on people huh?” Is all I could ask Danny.

“A light in the eyes is annoying right?” He replied while happily munching on the brownie.

“True, it is,” I agreed. Steve then walked in to sit beside us as I explained what had just happened.

"Good thing the school doesn't deem a flashing light as a weapon am I right?" he and Danny both laughed together at the statement like he already knew about the flashlight revenge joke and I laughed too. I relaxed and enjoyed the company of what I hoped was new eccentric friends with plenty of new surprises.


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