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Have you seen the house with the lights on?

Their son has passed away: EP#1

By InkVersePublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Have you seen the house with the lights on?
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After graduating from university for about thirty years, friends have gradually drifted apart, losing touch with each other.

Belief in friendship wavers as days pass by without contact. Sometimes, during a stroll down the street, a chance encounter with a long-lost friend from the school days brings immense joy.

However, the chaotic urban society quickly pulls one back into the routine of a regular job, causing them to forget about the connections they once had.

As days go by, the feeling of solitude intensifies. If there's any spare time to sit quietly and reminisce about friends, one may wonder how many friends they truly remember.

The thought brings a smile, indicating that one has reached a certain level of maturity.

The story of one friend, however, made me reflect on something important and compelled me to share it with everyone.

Going back to our university days, it was the final year when everyone was preparing to graduate. Some were already seeking jobs, while others were planning further studies.

There was one friend who had been absent from class since the third year, and no one had heard anything about them. By the fourth year, everyone assumed they had dropped out.

Then, one day, a letter arrived at my doorstep. It was from that absent friend. As I read the contents, I felt a small sense of surprise. The letter explained the reasons for their prolonged absence from studies. The heartfelt message made me realize that…

Hello friends,

It's been a while since we last met. I suddenly remembered that I had given you my address, so I thought I'd drop a line to say hello.

I've been living in the countryside for several years now. Sadly, I couldn't finish my studies with you all. My father fell seriously ill, and with no one to tend to the fields, the financial situation became tight.

I had to take on the responsibilities my father once managed. Despite the challenges, life here is comfortable. Everything I do is gradually falling into place.

The air is fresh, the surroundings are peaceful, and the rice fields are lush green, just as you described. If you have some free time, feel free to visit. Bring your friends along; I'd love to see you all.

I've been wanting to reach out to you, but I don't know how to get in touch. My house is located in a remote area, and I spend my lonely moments writing to you.

If you plan to visit, please drop me a letter so I can prepare to welcome you. It's not difficult to reach; you can follow the address and map attached.

After reading, I fold the letter and place it on the bookshelf. Since the last exams and not attending university, I haven't met any friends. It gets a bit dull, and I'm pondering what to do with my life – whether to find a job or continue my education. It's a real turning point in life.

When boredom struck, I decided to dig out some old books to read. While searching through the bookshelf, an old letter I had stashed away fell out. Upon giving it another read, a sudden thought crossed my mind.

The address mentioned in the letter made me contemplate taking a break, relaxing my mind, or spending time in nature. Well, it doesn't sound like a bad idea. During this free time, at the very least, there's a friend to chat with.

I made up my mind and decided to write a letter to inform my friend that I plan to visit. I'll specify the day and ask them to come and pick me up

Please continue following EP#2 ...


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