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By tim8888Published 5 months ago 3 min read
from pxfuel

One day, I had a sudden realization that I had lost control of time itself. It was as if the universe had decided to play a practical joke on me. My watch, a reliable timekeeper for years, had stopped moving forward and instead started going backward! I watched this surreal scene in utter amazement while feeling that my life was spiraling into the realm of the inexplicable.

The strangeness didn't stop there. On another peculiar occasion, I ventured into a supermarket for some routine shopping. As I reached for a ripe banana to place it into my shopping basket, something absolutely bewildering occurred. Before my eyes, the banana transformed into a small lizard! I was so startled that I involuntarily released my grip, and the tiny reptile leaped from my hand, landing gracefully on a store shelf. This unexpected metamorphosis left me flustered and concerned that onlookers might suspect me of shoplifting.

Leaving the perplexing supermarket encounter behind, I made my way to my car. Little did I know that my vehicle had also fallen prey to the bizarre occurrences plaguing my life. Upon inserting the key into the ignition and attempting to start the engine, the car emitted a spine-chilling scream that sent shivers down my spine. I was so petrified that I hastily removed the key, and in an instant, the car returned to its usual silent state as though nothing unusual had transpired.

These inexplicable and surreal events persisted, leaving me in a perpetual state of bewilderment. It was clear that I needed expert assistance to unravel the enigma. I sought the guidance of a knowledgeable specialist who could shed light on these bewildering phenomena.

In the expert's laboratory, I recounted my inexplicable experiences. To my surprise, the expert appeared intrigued rather than baffled by my tale. He postulated that a unique and potent form of energy was concealed within me, capable of altering the state and form of objects. Determined to understand this phenomenon, the expert proposed a series of experiments on my peculiar condition.

In the laboratory, the expert equipped me with an unusual pair of glasses. He explained that these spectacles possessed the power to unveil the latent energies within objects. I donned the peculiar eyewear and instantly felt a potent surge of energy coursing through my body.

With trepidation, I reached out to touch a bicycle stationed just outside the lab. Astonishingly, as my hand made contact, the bicycle's color instantaneously transformed to a vibrant pink, and it sprouted a pair of colorful wings! Startled once again, I promptly withdrew my hand, and the bicycle reverted to its original state.

The expert cautioned me that mastering this newfound energy was crucial, as haphazard contact with objects could lead to chaos. He handed me a thick notebook brimming with experiments and exercises designed to help me gain control.


Through relentless effort and countless trials, I gradually acquired proficiency in managing this extraordinary energy. I learned to harness and direct it, ensuring that objects remained unaltered during my interactions. Consequently, I could shop, drive, and socialize without fearing unpredictable, eccentric occurrences.

While my newfound ability occasionally led to perplexing situations, I also developed a sense of humor about it all. After all, being the person who could turn bananas into miniature lizards and make cars emit eerie squeals was an experience that set me apart from the mundane.

Now, I have become somewhat of a "psychic" capable of conjuring strange and delightful phenomena at will. Whenever I find myself amidst dull and uninspiring moments, I employ this unique talent to infuse excitement and amusement into my life. Have I become an eccentric oddity? Perhaps, but at the very least, I am thoroughly entertained!

I hope you like this style and can leave me a comment, thank you.


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