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When You Can’t Be With Your Twin Flame

by Jocelyn Joy Thomas 6 months ago in love
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You’ve met but it cannot be…at least for now

Photo by Marcelo Chagas from Pexels

Twin flames are such a powerful connection that even meeting our twin can have a profound impact on our lives. We cannot think in typical relationship terms with twin flames. The connection is very strong and profound, so the reaction in your life from having reunited is bound to cause some shifting.

Many twins don’t have a typical relationship experience. Where they fall in love and are simply, together. While this absolutely can happen with twins, others aren't able to realize such a goal.

Whether it is timing, unavailability, a significant age difference, a geographical distance, or anything else that causes you to not be together. It leaves a lasting impression and makes you wonder what could have been.

How to know if they are your twin

Uncanny familiarity

While we have this with karmic and soulmate connections the twin flame familiarity is different. It stands out, it calls to you, it feels like something you must pay attention to. And you should!

Finish each other sentences

Being on the same page, having similar thought processes, you are often able to finish each other sentences. This can happen with friends but there is something different going on here. It has to do with the extraordinary bond you share with your twin, unique to the two of you.

Strong attraction

Physical attraction is very strong between two twins. The attraction makes them irresistible to be around. Not to be confused with lust, which is more primal. This type of attraction is more heart and soul-led. It’s exciting, like Christmas morning exciting when you were a kid.

How your twin connection impacts your life


Even though you can’t be with them in physical reality, you may still dream of your twin. This is your subconscious mind’s way of reconnecting. Dreams might be hard to recall and even when we do recall them, might not make much sense. That’s okay, they don’t always have to make sense to be beneficial. Notice the feeling of the dream, the tone. This carries a message.

Another thing with dreams, if you wish, ask to dream of your twin before going to sleep (whether you know them or not) to visit and reconnect. Notice how you feel in the morning. Not only should this feel uplifting, but it can also create a pathway to being together in the physical world.


Your goals often change after meeting your twin. The twin connection helps you break out of old routines and onto the next level. It’s like a wake-up call that you have things to do here while incarnated and it’s time to start focusing on them.

Spiritual development

Your twin connection is made of the soul, so as a natural effect, it connects you with your higher consciousness. As a result, you will become more drawn to developing yourself. Personal development, self-improvement, and spiritual awareness will be more appealing and timely.

Intuitive abilities

Being connected with your higher consciousness makes for intuitive abilities. We all have different ways in which we connect with our intuitive abilities. For some, it is sensing, for others it is knowing. You might see signs, have dreams, feel drawn to new people or places. It's all a part of your stronger heart and soul connection brought about by meeting and connecting with your twin.

Divine timing

Sometimes the reason you can't be together isn't permanent. It’s only a timing issue. Twins will sometimes meet when they are young, but do not have the ability to be together at that time. They rejoin later in life and can then have a relationship.

In fact, it is common for twin flames to get together later in life, so if you have met someone that you believe might have been your twin, don't give up hope. There is still a strong likelihood you will be together.

The same is true for people who are waiting out certain situations such as living in a different geographical location than your twin and for the short term, neither of you can move. Instead of making the problem insurmountable, think of it as a way to help you both acclimate to the strong and often intense connection you share slowly, rather than all at once.

Twin flame relationships often bring some sort of challenge, know that whatever you have experienced, it is meant to help you grow. To learn and stretch beyond your current beliefs. To adapt to a higher and more aligned heart and soul version of yourself.

You are not being denied access to your twin if you cannot join in the physical, you are forever connected on the soul level. Consider that and take heart.

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