When to Walk Away From a Relationship

by Lena Bailey about a year ago in breakups

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When to Walk Away From a Relationship

I'm all for fighting for a relationship but the relationship has to be one to fight for. It has to be healthy and benefit both partners. I'm the queen of staying longer than I should. The people in the relationship also has to be getting something out of the relationship. So how do you know that you need to leave? Let's dive in!

Now let me say that leaving may be complicated if you have children or there is a lot of money is involved. Or you share property or something like that.

The number one reason to leave a relationship is abuse or assault. Assault can be sexual and physical (hitting and such). Now there is a huge different between BDSM and abuse. BDSM welcomes hitting within the boundaries that both partners agreed upon. Now abuse can be physical, mental, emotional, sexual or financial. It all starts off so innocent and normal. It's not only men that abuse their partners it's women too. Also people in the LGBT community go through abuse too. It will be hard to get out of an abusive relationship. Your partner may promise to change and apologize but very few abusers ever do change. You will need an escape plan and an escape buddy. You will need to delete the abusers number off your phone, block them if you need to.

Another reason to leave a relationship is cheating. I know people say cheaters and abusers will change but that is very often not true. Cheaters usually cheat for a reason. A lot of the times they cheat because they aren't fulfilled in the relationship and they can't or won't leave.

Some reasons may be tricky. Like if you are too busy or your partner is too busy. You have to ask yourself if one of is busy is it for a season or is it for good. If you're busy or your partner is you guys have to have a talk about how to make each other a priority. If you guys can't make time for each other then you need to walk away.

One other reason that may be tricky is if your partner isn't taking care of themselves. You can't always take care of someone I had two boyfriends that were sick a lot. I gave them ultimatums. Ultimatums work for somethings. Relationships are 50/50 when it comes taking care of each other. We should not have to take care of our partners 100 percent of the time. If some one in the relationship feels like they're doing all the work and their needs aren't being met, they will either cheat or leave.

There are stupid reasons to walk away like the initial attraction wore off. Also you shouldn't walk away when things get tough or something bad happens. When things get tough, something bad happens or the initial attraction wears off, is when you should start to really work for the relationship. I once had a guy who broke up with me after something bad happened while we were together and then later told me if it weren't for that bad situation, we would still be together. I will talk more about that later but it sucks to have had that happen.

There are so many reasons to walk away from a relationship but before you do make sure the issues can't be fixed. It is easier to fix problems then to try to get back into a relationship you should have never left. It also shows you care and that you are serious about the relationship if you work on the problems. Problems will come up and bad stuff will happen, but if you are adult you will work through it.

How does it work?
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