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Unhappy Marriage With Kids (Staying In A Loveless Marriage For Child)

Are you in an unhappy marriage with kids and asking yourself should I stay in my marriage? It's a tough decision to make. In fact, not long ago I was wondering the exact same thing. It was hard, so believe me I can understand what you're going through. Read on to find out if you should stay in a loveless marriage for child.

By Diego IvanPublished about a year ago 5 min read

Incompatibilities, infidelity and physical and emotional inadequacies are perhaps a few of the many reasons why marriages break. If you are reading this, perhaps you too are going through a troubled marriage and you feel that a breakup is imminent. You want to save your marriage not for anything else, but for the sake of your kids. They are reasons enough to stick to an otherwise loveless marriage.

While this is a noble gesture confirming your spirit of self-sacrifice and selflessness, some matters need your consideration if you want to save your marriage for the sake of the kids. This means that you would have left your spouse, if only the kids were not there, as kids from a broken home do suffer, and you know it more than anyone else.

Before you actually sit down to take a final call whether or not to save your marriage, for the sake of the kids, there is a need to do some soul-searching regarding the mutual feelings. Are you still in love with your spouse? If they have called it quits, is it because they are in love with someone else or is it just that they want to free themselves from you? Do a frank and unbiased analysis of the existing situation, before you take steps to save your marriage for the sake of the kids. Here are some suggestions:

o Even if you are successful in saving your marriage for the moment and stall your spouse's decision for a divorce, how long do you think you can carry on with a loveless existence?

o Have you tried to talk over the matter with your kids? If the kids are very clear about their intentions to stay with the father, you might have to think of parting ways with the family, in stead of working out ways to save your marriage.

o You need financial strength to stay away and manage the kids as a single parent. If your income along with the money from your ex spouse can ensure a decent life for you and the children, there is hardly any point in making efforts to change your spouse's decision and save your marriage.

o Nobody ever likes to walk out of a happy marriage. Obviously things are not perfect in your relationship which has caused this conflict of interest. Think hard, whether such issues can at all be resolved, if not in its entirety, but at least up to livable standards. If you are sure that you can live with such half-measures, for the sake of the kids then you must go ahead and take steps to retrieve as much as possible and save your marriage.

3 Tips On How To Stay In A Happy Marriage

Contrary to what is being portrayed in many shows and movies lately, a marriage is not disposable. You can't just go and decide to get a divorce the moment it doesn't work out. It just doesn't work that way and you should never see marriage like that because you will end up with a wrong attitude towards it.

Marriage is a serious commitment and because of that, it will require a lot of hard work in order for you to make it work. Before you jump into the marriage pool, think it over a million times. It's a harsh truth but married life isn't for everybody. If you think that you're just getting married because your partner said it was either that or break up then you could be in a lot of trouble right now.

Get married for all the right reasons, one of the biggest being love and commitment. You have to be ready to be able to get through rough patches if you get to that stage in your marriage because trust me, they will happen. The best you can do is be prepared for it and hope for the best.

If you're currently going through that rough patch right now then I feel for you. But don't give up and don't consider divorce, even if your partner is.

Here's what you can do on how to stop a divorce from happening:

1. Talk.

A lot of marriages either fail or disintegrate because the couple is failing to communicate. I can't even begin to stress on the importance of communication because it's the key to everything. If you have a problem with something your spouse did, talk about it. If you heard something through the grapevine, then bring it up with your spouse. Don't keep it to yourself because holding it in will only make things worse. It will lead you to ask more questions that you will never find answers to if you don't decide to talk it out with your spouse.

2. Remember the good times.

If you're currently waking up to fights and sleeping in the middle of arguments at night then things might feel like they're not worth it. Nobody wants to live in a world that seems to be at war. But understand that this is just a phase and like all phases, it will pass. These kind of rough patches are inevitable in marriages. You can't expect everything to be happily ever after, do you? So when you're in this stage, look back and remember the good times. Remember the happy times that you spent with each other and get through this by understanding that after this period, you will be having those good times with your spouse again.

3. Divorce is not an option.

It's important to stick that thought into your head and into your partner's as well. Many couples who are having hard times immediately rush to the conclusion that things cannot be fixed anymore so they quickly give up and begin to process the papers to dissolve the marriage. Before you even head that road or if you're considering going there, stop. Remember the vows you made on your wedding day. The two of you are in this, for better or for worse. This is the worse but the better times will come again.

Trying to soothe things over in a rough time during your marriage is difficult. The one thing you must keep in mind then is that everything will blow over with time and you will be glad that you stuck to your marriage at the time when it was needed the most.

It's all up to you! If you don't take this action to save your marriage, then who will?

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