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Two friend

Real Story

By WAQAS AHMADPublished 6 months ago 4 min read
Two friend
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Yesterday, a shiny new car was parked in front of Fike Kumhar's house. The whole village was talking about it. Who knows who came to meet him

I knew that Fika would come and tell me the whole story at the first opportunity. The same thing happened in the evening. After asking now, he said, "Sir, it was many years ago. Do you remember Aunt Nora used to be there?" She used to sow grains on the furnace. Whose only letter was Waqar. I said yes yes man how can I forget my village people. May Allah bless you sir.

Waqar and I were in class 5, Waqar used to get stomach ache in school. Sahib Ji used to cry as a servant. Master Ji used to scold him and send him home to go see Hakeem and take medicine. One day I was sitting next to Waqar during my half holiday. I opened Amma's hand-made paratha and pickles. Sir, do you still feel hungry, the first thing you remember is Amma's hand-made paratha and the fragrance of this paratha spreads throughout the pand.

I don't know what magic was in the hands of the mother. Sahib Ji Waqar looked at the paratha and turned away. This one look revealed all the secrets of his stomach pain. For the first time in my life, I have seen someone's eyes filled with hunger. Mr. Waqar's insides were sitting with folded hands in front of the tears, as if they were saying that even one tear will break. Before Waqar's illusion of dignity broke, I begged him and joined him in the meal. As soon as the first bite went into the stomach, the intestines, hungry for glory, sent thanks through the eyes. I secretly stopped my hand. And kept Waqar at bay. He ate the entire paratha. And then it started happening more often. I used to mix dignity with food under some pretext. My parathas were cooked with the guts hungry for dignity. And with my dignity, I don't know whose help was more ripe. As soon as I came home from school, I used to be hungry. One day mother asked. Son, I will make paratha for you.

Even if you eat, why are you so hungry? My hands and feet get tired. So, as soon as the hunger comes, it throws a hunger roll as if it has been hungry for centuries. I was about to tell you something sir, but my mother stopped me when I asked. Amma started crying after hearing the whole story and said that I will make two parathas from tomorrow. Amma also increased the amount of paratha and the quantity of butter. Amma said that she is like a fruit, mother's daughter, mother does not exist separately. I fell into thinking that the fake who fell in all the five classes knew how to have illusions. Once the illusion is broken, the servant is also broken. All life is spent picking up one's own crumbs, and one never gets connected again. Feke used to have illusions from the fifth grade and beyond that he could not read. And I am highly educated and no school taught me to be delusional. After that, mother started going to Waqar's house on various pretexts. Look, Nooran Saag has been made and tell me how it is. Wafar's mother would not even know and they would have spent a time eating. Sahibji Waqar was very fond of reading, then Amma told Mame to send Aunt Nora to work at someone's house in the city.

Salary, dignified education and two-time bread were fixed. I was in contact with Masi Nooran till my mother's life. Waqar came yesterday. Lives in UK. He went to visit as soon as he returned. He has become a great officer by reading and writing. Sir has come to pick me up. He said, I have prepared all your papers and have come to pick you up. And he wants to open a Langarkhana in the name of my mother. Sir, I asked in surprise. That people build schools and hospitals, but why do you want to open a langarkhana and that too in the name of Amma. He said, "Hunger is a very cruel thing. It makes a thief a robber. An empty stomach does not study. Lives die from pain in the stomach."

Who knows this better than you? Not all eyes are able to read, nor are those who have illusions like yours, then let me tell you one thing today. I know everything. After a few days when the parathas were full and so was the butter. Aman did not allow either of us to be hungry, but Waqar was crying profusely. And I also thought that the hunger for prestige and the help of parathas was more mature or pale and prestigious. Relationships established on the basis of illusion never break. Fika was saying to me that mother's talk is still a friend. Sir, mother said that mother is not separate, but illusion is what keeps relationships and friendships.

The End ...

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