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Tiana Destinee Stuns in Her Zaful and SHEIN Try-on Hauls

Canadian TikToker Tiana Destinee is known for her beauty and athletic prowess

By Shore ThangPublished about a month ago 4 min read
Tiana Destinee is a Canadian from Ontario

Canadian Tiana Destinee models another swimwear haul from the affordable brand Zaful. She starts off with a white thong one piece swimsuit with a daring plunge back.

Tiana notes a sizing issue which makes the swimsuit fit too loosely, even though she got it in the smallest size. Next up is a cute, hot pink and white polka dot string bikini in size small . It has a cut out across the front which Tiana advises styling by pulling the strings in for a tighter fit. A variation on the string bikini style is to arrange the strings to achieve the current “under boob” style.  Then she tries on a bikini in a royal blue color that she thinks looks too big, and that indicates an overall sizing issue that Zaful has with their bathing suits. She notes the “hit or miss” sizing. As she tries on the bikini, she notices that the bottoms are way too big and so is the bikini top.

One would have to be careful that the top of the bikini does not come off, as the sizing is so big. Tiana then tries on a snake print string bikini, whose thong bottoms she notes are cheeky. She really likes the bikini, but with the cut out across the top and the strings in front, make it too busy. However, Tiana remarks how comfortable the bikini is on, and that the she loves the fit of the thong bottoms. She really approves of this bikini,  as it looks great on. Tiana then goes on to try yet another string bikini from the haul, in a light blue floral print. Tiana thinks that the floral bikini looks ok but since it was such a great deal, she decided that she likes it. The bikini has a cut out in front. The bikini bottoms she notes would look best on a tall frame. Tiana Destinee completed her Zaful swimsuit haul with a bright red one piece swimsuit with a daring cut out front and plunging back.

The red swimsuit displays both “under boob” and “side boob” with it’s front cut outs. She notes that this style of bathing suit shows of her curves so well and that it fits her perfectly . No sizing issues here and the fiery red color looks really beautiful, with her dark hair. Tiana wears a size small, which she recommends for a perfect fit.

Tiana Destinee in SHEIN

Tiana Destinee styles looks from her Shein try on haul. Canadian model and influencer Tiana curates looks that she creates from the dresses, tops, bodysuits and pants from her haul. Tiana tries on a white crop top and oversized shirt in the current shacket, or shirt jacket style, that she pairs with cargo pants, creating a unique look. Next up, is a short and tight fitting black crop top with a cutout front and back, in a size small. Tiana styles the black crop top with tight cargo pants for a great casual look.

She then uniquely styles an outfit out of the white crop top by wearing it with black leather pants and tops off the look with a cozy jacket, for a stylish and warm winter look. The leather pants are worn interchangeably with another cropped top. Tiana wears a nude crop top in extra small, with ruched detailing. Tiana advises to get the crop tops in the smaller size for a better fit. Tiana then styles a tight fitting lounge wear set in camel into an outfit,  by styling it with her own cropped Levi’s denim jacket in light blue. She suggests that this outfit combination is perfect to wear out.

Tiana Destinee then proceeds to try on the dresses from her Shein haul, favoring their tight dresses. The short lilac colored dress with straps, that Tiana styles with a tight white turtleneck, compliments her dark hair and looks great on. She then styles another look. A yellow plaid short dress with a side slit and shoulder straps, that she styles with a black turtleneck in a casual outfit.

She selects a black, loose fitting turtleneck to wear with tight fitting jeans, for a varied look. A light chocolate brown front cut out swimsuit that she was excited to try on did not fit as expected, because of sizing issues. The plunging back of the one piece swimsuit was too loose in the back. The sizing issues continued when she tried on a pair of brown plaid pants with a rust colored tank top.The waist of the pants was too big and they fit too tight through the legs. Another issue occurred with a pair of jeans that were tight throughout the leg and loose on the waist. The same problem with a pair of black plaid pants, that she paired with a white cropped top. Tiana wore the white  cropped top with a short, pleated mini skirt which was also too loose around the waist. Tiana navigated the sizing issue by rolling up the waist band of the skirt. Tiana Destinee expertly styled the pieces from her Shein haul despite sizing issues.

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