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Learning More About artist/model Alysha Grace Marko

Alysha Grace is a globally known beauty with Ukrainian and Sicilian roots

By Shore Thang modelsPublished about a month ago 4 min read
Alysha Grace Marko on location in the Channel Islands, off the coast of Southern California

Alysha Grace Marko is a statuesque brunette model as well as an actress. Alysha Grace is also an artist who paints unique, beautiful art, which is displayed in the art gallery that she owns. Alysha has also worked as a personal trainer. Alysha, who possesses a naturally curvaceous figure, and a smoldering dark haired beauty, is as natural in front of the camera as she is behind it.

One of Alysha Grace’s many talents is photography. Alysha Grace has been photographed for Shore Thang media in a tasteful photo spread, that highlights her voluptuous curves and her versatility as a model. Alysha Grace’s photo shoots are revealing, even though does not pose nude or topless. Alysha Grace Marko’s unique content and photo spreads appear on Shore Thang's “Petite Curve Models.” Alysha Grace’s high resolution images as well as outtakes that are unpublished, are available for purchase for Petite Curve Models members. Alysha, a New Jersey native who is a consummate New Yorker, owns her own art gallery. She often shares the sights and sounds of New York on Instagram and YouTube.

Learn More: Alysha Grace Marko is a stunning American model

Alysha Grace has tens of thousands of followers on instagram, which features her original art and photography as well as her images. Alysha Grace Marko has scars from childhood surgery that she displays in her modeling shoots. Alysha’s scars have not impeded her modeling and she proudly displays them, in a unique and empowering way. Alysha models her figure in swimsuits and has embraced her scars and and has not let them get in the way. They serve to highlight Alysha’s beauty even more.

Alysha Grace is a talented model, as well as a model of body positivity.

Aside from her obvious beauty, Alysha Grace Marco became known in 2018, for dating Wyatt Koch, from the prominent Koch family. However, Alysha Grace persisted due to her own merit. Alysha, who is an artist, went on to found the AMRM gallery. Her gallery is on instagram as the AMRM NYC gallery.

The gallery’s instagram contains posts of the latest artwork from the artists that it features. AMRM NYC, is a gallery of contemporary art in New York City, New York. Ashley Grace is also a world traveler and an appreciator of fine cuisine. Alysha Grace also has a fine food and travel Instagram account,  in addition her own account. On “@funkfitfood,” which is described as ‘conscious’ ‘extraordinary’ ‘eating,’ Alysha features unique food and travel content.

Alysha Grace Marko appeared in the Hollywood reporter, in 2018, due to an unfortunate encounter with the disgraced Hollywood Producer and convicted sex offender Harvey Weinstein.

Weinstein, while awaiting his rape trial in 2019, had tried to get chummy with Alysha at New York City’s Cipriani Downtown restaurant. He asked Alysha for dinner and confided that “he was an investor” in Giuseppi Cipriani’s restaurant, Downtown.

Alysha Grace declined his invitation and Harvey tried to persuade her with Marchessa dresses, designed by his former wife Georgina Chapman, which she also turned down. Undeterred, Harvey Weinstein showed up at her Madison Avenue gallery and pledged to buy Alysha’s painting saying that he would “send a check” at later date.

He later said he would not be buying anything, as he was not going to buy any art until the end of his trial.

Moving on, Alysha Grace Marko also showcases her original content on her instagram account. Alysha Grace showcases her art work on both canvas and paper. Alysha’s instagram also has links to her gallery’s website. Her AMRM Gallery website,, which features contemporary art and artists, is located in New York City.

Alysha Grace, an artist and model, started her gallery in New York’s upper East side in 2019. Since then, the AMRM Gallery has moved to 12 East 69th Street, which is between Fifth and Madison Avenues.

Alysha Grace Marko’s website of the same name, includes a shop called the “AMRM online gallery shop,” where her original works, as well as the works of the gallery’s original artists can be purchased. The categories of art that are sold in the gallery’s online shop are “Works on Canvas” “Works on Paper” “Works on Wood” “Works on Silk” and “Sculptures,” as well as original oil paintings. The online gallery shop describes the AMRM New York gallery as offering “an immersive experience.”

Alysha Grace has shown herself to be multi talented and unique. Alysha is a talented artist, photographer, as well as model that creates unique content. Alysha Grace Marko has a unique and versatile look. She also has scars that figure prominently into her modeling, that she likes to express. She took what could have been a setback in modeling, and turned it into her own super power.

Alysha Grace’s scars are as unique as her art, and are marks of her empowerment and body positivity. Alysha Grace Marko is considered the first "super beauty" to work with Shore Thang models.

Alysha Grace Marko is an American model/actress/artist from New Jersey

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