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Three Ways to Show Your Loved One You Care

With a Busy Schedule

By KAT AguilarPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

Being in a relationship is difficult. Two people have to be entirely committed to make a relationship last. The thing about relationships these days is that, through the course of them, our significant others may start to feel forgotten or insecure due to the demanding lives we live. Whether it is work, school, volunteering, or just keeping up with the children’s activities, we can forget to offer that token of love that can remind our significant others that we are still present in the relationship with small amounts of effort at a time. This will keep the relationship going, even though your ability to cultivate it is being hindered by life.

The following list will offer ideas that take minimal effort, but can still send a loud message of love.

1. Write a note.

Sometimes, we don’t have enough in the budget to express our love. All couples go through this. You can still tell your loved one how you feel in this small manner. A love note telling them the moment you realized you fell in love, or how grateful you are for the things they do to upkeep the home will remind them that you’re paying attention even though you don’t always verbalize it. A note that thanks your love for working so hard to bring you together at dinnertime can be that push they need to get through the rest of the week.

Please try to use pen and paper. A text message can be just as communicative, but the nostalgia that a piece of paper with your writing can be a reminder any time they open their wallet or walk in to the bedroom on those rough days.

2. Switch your schedule to fit their schedule.

It’s difficult enough to make time to be together when you're both always on the go. It’s also rough when you both have opposite days off. Make an effort to switch your day off to be on the same day, instead of just taking the day off. What this does is create a time that you can both run errands together, have a meal without interruption, cook dinner together, or just watch a movie. It also removes the concern of missing work or losing pay. This provides a stress-free environment and a great opportunity to actually be with each other and reconnect.

3. Make your spouse lunch.

As the economy continues to change, so do our finances at home. More often than not, we are forced to bring lunch to work or school in an effort to save money. This opens another opportunity to show your affection. Like a mother would do for a child in grade school, pack your spouse a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a fruit, a drink, or money for one, and a small snack. These could be things you already have at home. Throw in a note that says “I love you” for an added effect. Making lunch minimizes the expense but effectively lets them know your love is still alive and well. A lunch like this can give them the sense that home is absolutely where there heart is.

These ideas are a few simple ways any man or woman can engage in communicating their love, whether they are affectionate or not. Many times, a general lack of affection can also be an issue. When that is an issue, I do highly suggest counseling with a professional, as a couple and as an individual. I believe in couples working through their issues together, but that also requires an active effort to understand how the individual issues affect the relationship as a whole. These suggestions will help you for a short while, even if you’re still working on showing physical affection.


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Military veteran, philanthropist, mother, student, and on a journey of self-discovery.

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