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Three Signs He May Be Cheating

by John Doe 4 years ago in advice
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Three Red Flags He May Be Cheating, Coming from a Guy

Are you in a relationship and something just doesn't seem right? You aren't sure what it is. You don't want to seem paranoid or clingy but you just can't help wondering. Maybe it is just because men and women are so different. If you suspect something like cheating is going on in your relationship the best thing to do is ask.

The most common thought is, "Well maybe it is just because he is a man and I am a woman and we are just that different." This statement is true and that's why we have the saying she is from Venus and he is from Mars. There is, however, a big "BUT." If suspicions of cheating arise in any relationship they need to be addressed. quickly to restore the trust which is so important in a relationship.

Yes, I am a man and yes I have seen many of my friends cheat in their relationships. I have also noticed that there are three red flags that are involved due to their actions and I am here to talk about them.

Sign Number 1

Does he seem to act paranoid about you having his phone? Though privacy is fine, does he seemed to just get outright stressed when you are looking at his phone. Why would he need to be? Well, think about this. If he is cheating the girl he is talking too could text him or snap chat him at any moment.

If you suspect that girl is the one, it will put him on edge if he thinks you see there is a chance he speaks to her on social media. Another red flag is if you one day see a conversation on his phone with a female, and maybe a few hours later or the next day it is deleted. Why? This is because something was talked about with her that he knows would most likely upset you. If he is cheating! There can also be some good explanations for this but this is not what the article is about.

Sign Number Two

Do his friends seem strange or distant recently? Police know this very well when investigating but maybe you don't. When someone does something very exciting and that they know is wrong, they have a very strong urge to tell someone. Men will almost always tell their closest friends if they have done something along the lines of cheating. The sad part is, ninety percent of the time it seems a mans closest friends will try to keep it secret as well.

Before you judge all men as heartless human beings, it does bother us too. In the certain situation, I was in, me and three others did try to convince my friend to stop cheating because we knew it was wrong. The problem is he is your closest friend and you don't want to be the one who snitched on him.

His friends' behavior is a big sign to look for. Have they suddenly started acting tense or strange around you? Chances are they all aren't good liars. This can also go two ways. They may also be uncomfortable around you due to him talking about wanting to split, or they have heard about a big fight you two have recently had and know things are tense.

Sign Number Three

Does it just seem like you never know where he is at? Yes, this one is obvious and doesn't seem that helpful, but if you feel like he is just plain lying to you or purposely not telling you where he is, there is a reason. Trust your instincts but also keep a level head. Every situation is different. Life is messy, and there is no three-step program to solve it. Trust your instincts and I hope for whatever reason you are reading this everything works out in your favor.


About the author

John Doe

I am not a professional writer by any means. I am simply a humble young man who loves storytelling and discussing subjects. I have come to this website for the sole purpose of doing that, and I hope you will enjoy my work!

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