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How to Know If He Is Interested or Just Looking for a Hookup

by John Doe 4 years ago in dating
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There is this really cute guy, but you aren't sure if he is interested. Should you continue to try? Here are some signs coming from a guy if he is generally interested or just looking for sex.

Is he overtly or slightly dirty when texting?

The way a man texts you is one of the major ways to learn of his intentions. Most people will say things with more courage over text then they actually would in person. If he starts most late-night conversations asking suggestive questions or constantly trying to steer the conversation into that area that is a big sign.

Most men who are actually head over heels for a woman and want something long term will generally try to stay clear of that subject at first. This is due to the fear of coming off as a pig, not because they don't one day hope for that. If a man is interested, the relationship will always end up sexual. It is just human nature. The difference is how quickly he goes there. If he is appropriate, and well, gentleman like when you two talk this is a big sign he wants more then sex.

Does he have any intentions of you meeting his family?

I cannot stress how huge this one is. Yes, of course, he isn't going to be bringing a girl he just started hanging out with to his next family reunion. This difference does he ever mention his family.

When ever I talk to a girl and I know it will never last longer than a few weeks or less my family does not exist where she is concerned. I make no mention of any siblings or family that she can meet. Why would I bring a temporary person in my life around people so important. Yes it is harsh but it is the truth.

He doesn't ever want to meet your friends.

No guy who is just there to hook up wants to be surrounded by your friends. It is just simply uncomfortable and no fun. He will always have an excuse as to why he can't meet your friends or why he does not hang out with you when they are around.

On the flip side if he is looking for love and a relationship. It will still be awkward! They are your friends, yes it won't be after a while but he will still not want to be surrounded by your friends at first until the ice is securely broken. The key difference is that he will at least try his best as opposed to simply not even showing any attempts at trying.

Is he always around other women?

Yes it is okay to have friends of the opposite sex. Some argue it is even healthy. There is a difference between friends and side girls or girls on his "waiting list" though. Some men will keep a girl on the "back burner" as we sometimes call it. Or in plain English, he will move on to her when he is done with the current woman he is talking to.

This sounds terrible but it is sometimes the truth. If he makes you feel like the only woman he is into in life and does not always run around with beautiful woman, or talk to multiple at one time, there is a good chance he is not the type of man to do these cruel thing.

Conclusion and Help

These signs can be helpful in most situations, but it all boils down to you. You must use your common sense and instincts to protect yourself from heartbreak if a hookup is not in your playbook as well. Be careful and good luck.

As many of you know, I will be traveling to the beautiful nation of Norway this Christmas so I can write a traveling story on it. I will be using personal photos and I hope you will be reading it. I am currently a student though and this will not be easy on me financially. If you are interested in reading this story please help out. any donation will greatly help me. Thank you and please catch my upcoming article Christmas In Norway: An American's Point Of View.


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