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This Is What You Deserve

Promise Me You Won't Settle for Less

By M FPublished 6 years ago 4 min read

It’s not a fairy tale. You just can’t settle for anything less than what you deserve.

You deserve someone who wants to be with you just as bad as you want to be with them. Someone who puts in just as much effort as you do. Someone who will fight for you. Someone who’s excited to see you whenever you walk in. Someone who never loses that sparkle in their eye.

Someone who always treats you like a queen. Someone who respects you. Someone that is proud to have you. Someone crazy about you.

Someone who never makes you question where you stand or how they feel about you. Someone who doesn’t leave you worrying about what they’re doing when they aren’t with you. Someone who won’t ever be bored of you. Someone who will text you back.

Someone who doesn’t feed your insecurities. Someone who accepts and addresses them. Someone who is patient with you. Someone that will grow with you. Someone who won’t focus and point out your flaws. Someone who will accept and love you for who you are. Someone who isn’t trying to change you or expect you to change. Someone that won’t belittle you or degrade you for things. Someone who won’t judge you. Someone who just gets you. Someone that will be silly with you. Someone who won’t play with your feelings.

Someone that won’t play games. Someone who’s comfortable enough in who they are that they won’t project their insecurities onto you. Someone that doesn’t need you to fulfill any of their needs or insecurities. Someone who is confident in who they are. Someone who wants to know who you truly are, your mind and soul. Not just your body. Real conversations and not small talk. Someone who doesn’t try to control or manipulate you. Someone that trusts you. And someone that you can trust as well.

Someone who is honest with you. Someone who isn’t afraid to talk about their feelings and their flaws. Someone who will commit to you. Someone who is loyal. Someone who can communicate. Someone who respect and values your time.

Someone who is understanding. Someone who’s considerate of others. Someone who knows what compromise and sacrifice are. Someone’s who is caring and has a good heart. Someone who listens to you. Someone who keeps promises. Someone who will stay up late with you when you can’t sleep.

Someone who is mature, emotionally. Someone who’s been through a lot in life and love. Someone who’s been really hurt before because those are the ones that value love the most. They would never want someone else to feel that way.

Someone who can talk rather than yell and handle things in a mature way. Someone who never makes you feel like you are beneath them. You’re always on an equal playing field.

Someone who has their shit together. Who has their priorities straight. Someone who knows what they want. Who is honest about their intentions. Someone who isn’t afraid to say what they think and ask for what they want. Someone whose actions speak louder than their words. Someone who proves they want you everyday. Someone who doesn’t stop trying after they’ve got you.

Someone who is doing something with their life. Someone who loves themselves because if they don’t they’ll never be able to love you. Someone who knows who they are. It’s hard to find someone else if you haven’t even found yourself. And impossible to love someone else how they deserve to be loved if you don't love yourself.

Someone who will challenge you. Someone who won’t always agree with you. Someone that knows when you push, but also when you pull back. Someone that knows when to fight and when not to. Someone who can connect on a deeper level with you. Someone always trying to be a better person. Someone that isn’t afraid to make a mistake, but doesn’t repeat it twice. Someone who doesn't bring drama into your life.

Someone who can put their pride aside. Someone who doesn’t get mad easily. Someone who isn’t selfish. Someone that doesn’t care about the opinions of others. Someone that will bring you support you unconditionally. Someone that will be there when you’re high and when you’re low.

Someone that thinks you’re more beautiful without makeup than with it. Someone that appreciates and love the things you love. Someone that understands you. Someone that gives you butterflies and makes your heart beat a little faster. Someone that you could see everyday and never get tired of. You know you’ve got something special when you can be laying in bed with someone and be happy doing nothing, but just being with them.

Someone who makes you smile. Someone who makes you laugh. Someone who comforts you. Someone who makes you want to be a better person. Someone who can make you happy, without sacrificing theirs. Someone who is thoughtful. Someone that makes doing nothing something and simple things, exciting. Someone who never makes you feel like a burden, but a blessing.

Someone that appreciates life is someone that will always appreciate you. Someone who values you. Someone who refuses to let you be the one that got away. Someone who won’t go to bed mad. Someone who knows how to make things right.

Someone who doesn’t need you, but wants you. Someone who wants to compliment your life and not complete it.

Someone who makes you feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

Someone who will always choose you.

What you want is only too much if you think it’s too much. You deserve what you think you deserve. And this is what you deserve.

“Powerful women are tired of trying for lovers who never try for them." -R.h. Sin

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Your Feelings Are Valid Author. Chainsmokers and Fletcher fanatic. Quote lover. More emotional than your typical Capricorn. TPA. ISTJ. Lesbian. Asian.

Insta: @garnishdaddy. Owner of Native Cocktail Events

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