The Seventy Three

The Number of Countries Where Being Gay Is Illegal

The Seventy Three

For those who don’t know I am currently penning a book. While I have been writing this book I considered how I can adjust the direction of my blog. I adore writing about where I have been; however, trying to recall past memories is a little troublesome. I require to try something unconventional. This is an unusual approach and consequently, I have no idea if this is going to work. I haven’t been inspired to write my blog, that implies I am in need of a new direction.

This is going to be a little political. Nevertheless, I am still a travel blogger and so it is going to harmonise with travel. I write on my twitter how I won’t go to various middle eastern countries due to their human right records. Some people believe I have no purpose in trying to boycott a country. It's nothing to do with boycotting a country, it is more I wouldn’t consider it right going to those countries. I am going to write a little segment about those 73 countries. The countries I am talking about are those where being gay is forbidden. My best friend is gay and although I don’t actually act on it, I am sexually attracted to women. I merely think it is necessary to talk about those countries which don't support gay rights. I would cherish going to every, but I wouldn't feel secure going to them. I wouldn’t feel safe going to a country where I couldn’t be me and I think that’s something that needs to be apart of the discussion.

I can’t do much sitting behind a computer. However, if all of us sitting behind a machine address it, then one day I can go to those 73 countries and see the world how it is meant to be viewed.

I want to talk about those countries. I want to divulge about all the things I would wish to see if I would go to those nations. All the elements that I am missing, but equally showcasing something meaningful to me, the LGBT community. Now I am not truly apart of the community—it is a little noisy for my liking. You need to comprehend each time I’ve ventured towards it, something bad has happened. For instance, having glass thrown at me for dating guys and not being "gay enough." This is something that should concern everyone in the LGBT community. I believe we take this opportunity to be loud and roar from the rooftops about how this is not moral. The backwards legislation that prosecuted people for being who they are is evil, and we need to stand collectively united.

Numerous amounts of people in the western world which resent the government because they consider their rights are disappearing. In fact, nothing truly affects them. They relax in harmless countries living their lives while screeching on the internet talking of how someone is dressed incorrectly or implied the incorrect information. People sit behind the screens moaning about invisible things that are simple to disregard. Yet there are people in countries which are being executed or imprisoned for staying as they were born.

I remain privileged living in the United Kingdom. My race or sex or sexuality produce no influence on my life. Meanwhile, in different countries, people are slaughtered by their governments because of these factors. I assume as someone who has the privilege of being born and raised in the UK that I should address it. Perhaps I can encourage those people that remain frightened to speak.

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