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The Road to Conscious Love


By Princess LeahPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

After meeting with my new therapist for the first time since my other had her baby, I was surprised at myself for how I was able to cliffnote my life story in one hour. I feel so grateful that I’m learning how to open myself up and see growth in my healing journey, and it feels really good to feel this secure in myself. This journey has opened my eyes, heart and soul in ways that I never knew I had within. They say that the longest journey in love is from your head to your heart, and this 13-year road to Conscious Love has never been more true of a statement.

I wish I could explain exactly how transformative my journey has been, but there aren’t enough words to describe and fully grasp the beautifully excruciating experience my human body has undergone just to be here today. All I can do is my best to paint the vastness of this concept of love as clearly and colorfully as possible.

When we first think about falling in love and being in relationships, we see it with rose-tinted glasses. We see the fantasy and the happily ever after. We see only the good because it’s what drives us forward to take the first step. As we move into the path, we start to see that there are some road bumps and detours and even some dead ends that we have to maneuver around. We learn discernment and intuition. We learn how to trust and how to set boundaries. We learn to stand in our "no" and for our "yes", and ultimately, we learn how to be the best version of ourselves in order to love to our full capacity.

This is the Road to Conscious Love. It’s not a road just with rainbows and sunshine, but a journey of trial sand tribulations that are set to find your soul and bring you back home to Spirit. The Twin Flame Journey is a road to Conscious Love. It is the epitome of conscious love. There is no room for ego or pride. The devil cannot linger rent-free in this space. Eventually, there is a price to pay for the foolhardiness that comes with ill-intentional foul play. It will strip you of your false identity as fast as you can say “codependent attachment.”

It’s not always pretty or fun to fall in love. It’s not always easy or delicious to be vulnerable. It takes strength, courage, wisdom, and a hell of an amount of willpower and faith. It will keep you up at night, drain your body of toxins, dehydrate your eyeballs from so many tears, and make you second/third/quadruple guess your ability to carry on.

If you’re reading this right now, you may already have some sort of idea about the theories on this topic. Your story might even resonate with some of mine. If it does, thank you for being here, and thank you for energetically sharing your experience through my words. I hope by vocalizing my path to the world, it will shine light upon the road for others to endure with inspiration. I have no idea how this story will end, by the way; and there’s no promise that yours will go according as you may plan. This is all under God’s provision and Divine will. We are simply the witnesses to this unfolding and participants in the game of life.

The Twin Flame Journey leads us to Conscious Love, and Conscious Love leads us to God. It builds us in ways we didn’t know were humanly possible. It gives us a level of power that allows us to move mountains. It provides a sense of security that is unshakable, and it leads us to an insurmountable abundance of unwavering faith. Just as 1 Corinthians 13:8 says, “Love never fails,” The Road to Conscious Love and my son's new song equally articulate the undeniable truth that "Love Always Prevails."


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Princess Leah

Hopeless romantic. Dancing with the Stars. Aligning with my soul. Writing my her-story.

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