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The different forms of intimacy

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By ABDOPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
The different forms of intimacy
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Intimate relationships, the cornerstone of human connection, manifest in diverse forms, each uniquely enriching our lives. Spanning from the fervent depths of romantic partnerships to the unwavering loyalty of familial bonds and the supportive embrace of friendships, these relationships serve as fundamental channels through which we experience love, growth, and understanding. This exploration seeks to unveil the myriad faces of intimacy, highlighting how each form contributes to our emotional landscape. By delving into the essence and dynamics of these connections, we aim to celebrate the complexity of human interaction and the profound impact of intimate relationships on our journey through life.

And these are the types of intimate relationships.

1. Sexual intimacy

This is not when two people have sex. No! This happens when two people in love make love. Sex is easy to get, but making love involves the heart.

2. The intimacy of deep conversation

This happens when you two are really talking and this usually takes a long time. So, the more time you spend talking together, the higher the level of intimacy. Intimacy requires the sharing of personal and exclusive information. Love is talking.

3. Emotional intimacy

This is when you put everything seriously. Your husband/partner can see your fears, mood, and tears. You have to reveal your thoughts and become vulnerable. Your real feelings are shown in real time and your spouse/partner is not ashamed, afraid, or insensitive when dealing with them.

4. Sensual intimacy

This involves the sense of touch. It's when you hug, rub, and caress each other. It's kissing, rubbing, and holding hands, playing with fingers, massage, and skin-to-skin moments.

5. "Spiritual relationship"

This happens when you are a man and a woman according to the heart of God. When you both seek God as a couple, you share, pray together, read God's word together, scold each other, and form each other.

6. Intimacy of Worship

That's when you worship. You isolate yourselves from the world and simply gather in an intimate relationship in the presence of God.

7. Naked intimate relationship

That's when you're naked and not ashamed. When he sees all those things related to her body, she feels ashamed of herself and reminds her that she is beautiful. When you look at the size of his penis big or small and still find him man enough. When you know each other's body inside and out.

8. This is the intimate relationship

This happens when your weaknesses, shortcomings, and failures appear in public between you, and your husband/partner still loves you he loves you more. This happens when the limits of your humanity appear and your spouse/partner continues to choose you and covers you.

9. Amid intimate storms

This happens when life becomes difficult and your spouse/partner is around. A lot of people in a relationship/marriage go through difficult times alone. But intimacy is when you can rely on each other to be there through thick and thin.

10. Intimacy in good times

This is the time when you share good moments. You look at the wonderful moments in your life and see him there. This happens when good things happen and the first person to call is your partner/spouse.

11. Exotic intimacy

This happens when you feel so comfortable with each other that you don't mind being around each other. When you manage to show each other the cavity in your teeth, tell each other that the dress doesn't look good. When you can fart and laugh about it. When you can pee while talking loudly from the toilet, when you know and accept each other's strange habits.

12. Intimacy with old age

This is when you are not ashamed to see wrinkles, white hair, aging skin, and a bald head to each other. When you grow up in love


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