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Love and spiritual commitment

By John KwasiPublished 3 months ago 4 min read
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Captures the intricate web woven by fate, love, and spiritual commitments, and how the pursuit of greener pastures led to a journey of self-discovery and redemption.


In the calm suburb of Bortianor, John and Jane's love blossomed in a small cottage, weaving dreams of a shared future. However, when confronted with the harshness of life, their journey took an unexpected turn. Jane, the architect of their escape, orchestrated a plan for John to seek greener pastures in Sal Prose. As challenges unfolded, the bonds of love and promises were tested, leading to a complex web of relationships and spiritual consequences.

In a charming cottage in Bortianor, a suburb of Accra, lived John and Jane, a couple deeply in love, eagerly anticipating their impending marriage. Life was a serene melody for them until the symphony took a discordant turn. The harsh realities of life encircled them, casting shadows over their once blissful existence.

As the winds of change whispered through their lives, Jane, with resilience in her heart, proposed the idea of seeking a greener pasture elsewhere. John, ever the willing partner, questioned the means to fund such an endeavor. Jane, however, had a well-thought-out plan. She was part of a group practicing a financial system known as "Asusu," where monthly contributions circulated among members. To supplement this, she applied for a loan from PalmPay, an online bank.

With determination and financial ingenuity, Jane gathered the necessary funds, and John embarked on a journey to Sal Prose. Little did they know that the path ahead would be lined with challenges. John found himself engaged in various menial jobs, struggling to make ends meet.

In due course, news of John's plight reached his mother back home. Through the benevolence of a woman named Alice, residing in Bortianor, arrangements were made for a job for John in Sal Prose. Alice's brother, a resident of the same city, facilitated this opportunity. John's fortune took a turn for the better as he secured a more stable job.

As time progressed, the memory of Jane, the architect of his journey, faded into the recesses of John's mind. His mother, desiring the best for him, began subtly steering him towards Alice, the woman instrumental in securing his job. A trip back to Ghana ensued, and John faced the challenging task of breaking the news to Jane.

However, the echoes of an oath, once sworn between John and Jane, resurfaced, revealing its spiritual consequences. Conflicts arose between Jane and Alice, John and Jane, and even John's mother got entangled in the turmoil. Despite the efforts to find resolution, John, driven by a sense of obligation towards Alice, chose to marry her.

By Caroline Veronez on Unsplash

The marriage, however, was far from peaceful. The haunting specter of the oath cast a dark shadow over their lives, leading John's mother to seek the wisdom of an oracle. The revelation was unsettling—the heart of someone sought revenge. To remedy this, the oracle advised either marrying Jane or appeasing her.

Endless meetings ensued, revealing that Jane had moved on, finding solace in a relationship with a man more suitable than John. Kwame, Jane's new partner, intervened, asserting that the real issue lay in the haunting oath. Jane, quick to respond, attributed their troubles to the unresolved spiritual bond.

In a desperate attempt to restore peace, John's mother collaborated with a fetish priest to untangle the web of spiritual consequences. As the rituals unfolded, the oppressive weight lifted, and tranquility returned.

Lessons Learned:

1. Resilience in Adversity: The story portrays the resilience of John and Jane in the face of life's challenges. Despite the initial struggles, they adapted and persevered, showcasing the strength of their commitment to each other.

2. Resourcefulness and Sacrifice: Jane's resourcefulness in arranging funds for John's journey highlights the sacrifices individuals make for the ones they love. Her strategic planning, including participating in the "Ajo" system and securing a loan, underscores the lengths one might go to secure a better future for a loved one.

3. Unintended Consequences: The tale explores the unintended consequences of decisions made in the heat of adversity. John's marriage to Alice, driven by external pressures and the allure of stability, leads to unforeseen spiritual consequences, emphasizing the importance of careful consideration in pivotal life choices.

4. Spiritual Dimensions of Relationships: The story delves into the spiritual dimensions of relationships, with the oath taken by John and Jane having profound repercussions. It highlights the potential complexities that can arise when intertwining spiritual beliefs with the practicalities of life.

5. Resolution through Understanding: The resolution of the story hinges on understanding and acknowledging the spiritual ties that bind the characters. The intervention of Kwame, Jane's new husband, and the involvement of a fetish priest exemplify the importance of addressing unresolved issues for true peace to prevail.

6. The Impermanence of Circumstances: John's shifting focus from Jane to Alice underscores the impermanence of circumstances and emotions. It reflects the transient nature of human feelings and the challenges individuals face when confronted with evolving situations.

7. Rebuilding Lives: Ultimately, the narrative suggests that peace and redemption can be found through acknowledging past mistakes, seeking resolution, and embracing the opportunity to rebuild lives. It emphasizes the transformative power of understanding, forgiveness, and the pursuit of genuine happiness.

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About the Creator

John Kwasi

Born in Ghana, I pursued my education from primary to university, majoring in Maths and Agric. Further studies at Bicton College refined my skills. I dedicated 25 years to teaching Maths, and now, as a writer, I passionately create ebooks.

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