Stay Hitched or Ditch?

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Stay Hitched or Ditch?

Marriage: Stay Hitched or Ditch

On a seemingly ordinary Saturday afternoon, I sat on my front stoop for some much needed alone time, i.e. cigarette break. While bathing in the new fall breeze I found myself reflecting on the ups, downs, and turnarounds of my LTR. My other half and I had been recently and frequently engaged in periodic debates, some more pleasant than others, ranging from who gets to pay this month's utility bill to citing all 1,001 reasons why I think whole wheat pasta was manufactured solely for alien life forms born without taste buds. To dispel possible rumors and under the radar bar room mumbles I can and will shout from the highest dirt mound in Leakin Park that my mate is pretty perfect in the biblical sense (Was that good honey?). Even still, when traveling on the epically adventurous road of Together-Forever, one can find himself pondering the meaning of it all while making frequent pit stops to the friendly neighborhood Target. What pushes us to this wave Q&A? Maybe it’s the daily compromises we make to either please or appease our partners that ignite this way of thinking. I can’t quite put my finger on it but weekly brawls surrounding the rights of the undead on Vampire Diaries could spark an analysis or two. And the burning question becomes, is being single better?

I’ve participated in many impromptu forums with both men and women, and I’ve probably heard the vast majority of the matrimonial gripes. Some of them have merit and others are simply mindless rants from the immature. However, in regards to my relationship, I’ve come to a working conclusion. We may not always agree and every day is not going to be glorious, or even harmonious, but the time we’ve shared together, good and not so, is invaluable. During the last decade plus, each and every significant moment of my life has been shared with my significant other; pun totally intended. Now I’m not implying that everyone should run out and pair up with the first person that buys them a sweater and a box of Chicken McNuggets. Nor am I saying that the single life is crap and if you are in fact single, may which ever deity you serve have mercy on your sole. I’m speaking directly to all ball-and-chainers abroad. There’s a reason why you fell in love with this person in the first place and growing apart is not grounds to throw away family history. If you’ve grown apart, you can surely discover ways to grow back together. Some say that life is what you make it and I tend to agree. It’s what you "make" it, not what is handed down to you from the celestial cosmos. Take some responsibility for the fate of your union.

Life is not a Hallmark card and there is no such thing as a perfect couple. But the battles and triumphs we’ve experienced together are the very elements responsible for making me who I am today. And honestly, I couldn’t have done it without you babe!

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