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Sir Keir: Pros and Cons of AI.

The Labour Leader's Speech At London Tech Week.

By Nicholas BishopPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
Prime Minister in Waiting: Sir Keir Starmer.

Rishi Sunak spoke about the looming revolution last week that AI will bring. Sunak was highlighting the dangers AI could pose. Sunak also waxed lyrical about how he wants the UK to be a hub of AI and tech achievement. So should that be a 6th proposal to go along with his already 5 proposals? Perhaps not achievable in the time he has left as Prime Minister. Bearing in mind that a general election is getting closer and closer.

Sir Keir Starmer has also spoken about the pros and cons of AI. Siting the fact that his 14-year-old son is educating him about ChatGPT. ChatGPT writes essays and can pass exams. As will Google's Bard system. Sir Keir said he found these systems helpful. Systems like this will flourish not only for his son's generation but for older users too. Sir Keir pointed out that ChatGPT and Bard can also be taught to have biases. Which in the Labour leader's opinion is not good.

Sir Keir said AI would be revolutionary in all sectors. In the NHS it would be a God-send as it can detect cancer. It will diagnose all manner of ailments and conditions. Sir Keir, however, added a rather worrying caveat to this. AI will do the jobs a lot of people are doing now. Many will put many out of work. This will create an even greater chasm between those with and those without.

Universal Basic Income (UBI) something that Sir Keir has abandoned would be a good solution. A good solution for those put out of work by Artificial Intelligence. Sir Keir was going to look at it. Unfortunately, Sir Keir waived the idea away which is sad. It would seem if Labour came to power UBI would not be a thing. Jeremy Corbyn Starmer's predecessor would have looked at the idea if he became Prime Minister.

Sunak's government are not committed to UBI either. Again this is proof positive that the government are happy with the old ways. They have their heads in the sand. Just as they did before COVID struck.

If the government had prepared better for the pandemic we might not have had the deaths and lockdowns. Similarly, with AI the government (on the surface at least) seem to be making no plans at all. No plans for the coming revolution AI will make and is making. It seems they are prepared to carry on as if everything is tickety-boo. AI will make profound changes to society and the world of work. The government seem to have an attitude that they will deal with it when it happens.

That might be okay for other circumstances but not this. The Tories and if Labour follow them should be working on UBI and making provision. So that those changes brought by AI and the massive job losses can be remedied.

Of course, new jobs will be created in the tech sector. With AI tech the world of work and other sectors will never be the same. Humans will still work but not as many especially in the tech sector.

We are living through unprecedented times. There have been changes in the history of mankind before. Like the industrial revolution which mechanised life in the 18th/19th century.

However, this change being brought in by AI is something we've never faced. Where AI could get to the point where it no longer needs humans. Even tech entrepreneurs like Elon Musk say it's time we took a step back. Paused AI and consider the consequences of rapidly evolving AI, robots, etc. One person interviewed by Piers Morgan even regrets helping to create this level of tech now.

Changes are needed and needed now. Those running the government and those introducing advanced tech need to come up with ideas and fast. Ideas for the rolling out of tech and ideas for those that it will affect.


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