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By Kaylon ForsythPublished about a month ago 6 min read

In my experiences, I have noticed how substantial the impact of someone's personal energetic signature can be, not only on the surrounding environment, but also on those who may be within close proximity. I prepare myself, mentally, spiritually, and physically, to ensure I am functioning at an optimal level, before I put myself in any situation, whether that situation is something that could bring potential safety concerns, or simply engaging in every day life.

We must be very cognizant of our behavior, as well as our thoughts, and the way which we portray ourselves to others, and the reason I am writing about this, is because I had an experience recently where the energetic presence of someone I care for, had a drastically negative impact, on not just their own personal life, and the struggles which they are facing, but also on those who happen to be within close proximity to them. When we are going through trials, that are daunting in their scope, it is very easy to allow the mind, and the heart to become stuck in a state of negativity, due to the challenging nature of trials in themselves.

I have faced many trials throughout my life, as I know we all have, and will face more, without a doubt in the future, however, I also know that when these trying times arise, we still have a choice, to proceed in a way that has a positive impact on not only ourselves, but those around us as well. Over the years, and through the struggles I have faced, I came to the resolution, that no matter what challenges this life may bring, I will always face them with a sense of optimism, and a state of positive pursuit.

When we engage with life, in a way, that shows gratitude, and humility in our every day dealings, whether at work, or in our personal lives, the impact of such a decision has far reaching effects that will not only better the potential of a positive outcome, it will also keep us in a state of energetic homeostasis. Life will never be an easy venture for anyone, but the way we choose to approach any situations we may enter, says a lot about not just who we are as people, but it also has the potential to inspire others to live a life in a similar fashion, as long as we are brave enough, and wise enough, to vocalize why it is that we have chosen to live this way.

I have noticed a very concerning pattern in the state in which I live, and that is this. Many of the smaller counties in the state I live in, have failed to implement changes, that are meant to help those who may have a diagnosis such as Autism. A very good friend of mine, has a son who has such a diagnosis, and the school board, while they have the funding to create the changes necessary to help these children with this diagnosis, to have the same chance at a successful education as those who do not possess this diagnosis, have neglected to implement the necessary changes to aid in their learning, they seem to be locked in an outdated thought pattern, so instead of applying the necessary resources to fund the program to help these children who have special needs, they instead divert those funds to programs that are centered around the sporting community.

I fully understand that sports are a healthy outlet for the youth, to engage their spirits in the pursuit of greatness, it is not fair to those who are on the spectrum to have to suffer from a lack of educational awareness, that is needed for them to thrive in their own right, causing things such as criminal charges to occur, simply because those who are supposed to be examples for these children, instead, seem to be viewing such individuals as a threat to their old paradigm of thought, that is no longer relevant in todays ever changing world. My friends son is now facing criminal charges, due to the fact that he has had numerous melt downs, by being put in situations that an autistic child should not be exposed to, due to the very likely possibility of being overwhelmed with external stimuli. When these individuals are exposed to stimuli that they are extra sensitive to, it causes what is known as a meltdown, which enters them into a sort of fight or flight mode, acting in ways, that to normal people seem destructive, and abnormal, simply because the schools, have not taken the time to integrate programs that are geared towards helping these young people to have the same shot at success as those who may not suffer from such a diagnosis.

I see it like this, and science is beginning to have hard evidence that the human brain is in a state of what is known as a phase shift, where we are currently undergoing a transition, from one state of matter, to another, one of a lower vibrational level, to an upgraded state of being, which I believe is something I term the ascension process. We are fortunate to live in a time, where evolution is not simply a byproduct of passing time, but is instead a chance to consciously evolve in a way that is beneficial, and in fact necessary for us to continue living in a world, where extreme changes are beginning to take place. We must come together as a planetary family, and a species, and stop seeing the differences that have been allowed to separate us in the past. It is time for us to recognize the divinity that exists within not only ourselves, but in all those who we may interact with, because when you live life in a way, that recognizes the inherent divinity that we all hold within us, we begin to elevate our state of consciousness in a way, that perpetuates conscious evolution, through unifying our planet, with a singular goal, and that is to move away from the old habits, and patterns which have served us up until this point, but no longer hold much relevance, in terms of moving forward in a way that unites our species.

Competition has been the way in which the vast majority of this planet has progressed for a very long time, but now it is time for us to begin to move away from such a primitive notion, and move towards an ideal of collaboration, and cooperation with one another, so we as a species are able to survive what is to come. We are living in very strange times, and the best way for us to move forward, and thrive in this world, is to do so together, let us not accept any form of discrimination that has held a foothold in the past lives, of nearly everyone on this planet, and let us move in a direction that brings us all together as a coherent, and consciously awakened species, aware of our capabilities, I choose to live in a state of homeostatic, and self-regulating peace.

We are the next step in our evolution, so it's time we grabbed hold of this opportunity and developed those latent capabilities which we all possess. The universal field theory has now been identified by science, and with it, comes the capability for us, as a species, to achieve greater things, than we have ever dreamed of, we are a form of soft technology, with greater capabilities than Artificial intelligence will ever hope to possess, it's our humanity that gives us our strength, not the absence of it.

Always do you very best, to live life in a way that puts your best foot forward in whatever you do, and embrace the divinity within, for the true wealth of a person lies not in what they possess externally, the true wealth lies in what we cultivate internally, and bring forth to create a better world, for us, and for the generations to come. Never sacrifice your humanity for external, material possessions, for they are fleeting, but what you cultivate and bring forth from within, is where the true value lies.

Brightest Blessings.


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Kaylon Forsyth

I lost my wife back in 2019 and I started this as an outlet for my emotional expression in regards to the pain from the loss, it has helped me substantially since that time, and I have put great effort into all of my efforts since then.

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    Kaylon ForsythWritten by Kaylon Forsyth

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