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Once we were apes

Have we changed?

By Sanchit BainsPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Once we were apes
Photo by Eugene Zhyvchik on Unsplash

Have we changed? Yes? No?

Once we were toads, swam out of the water to turn into apes.

Then we become humans.

For aeons, evolution has been taking its toll on us humans and helping us grow and evolve into homo sapiens and even more. But have we grown ethically? Have we turned out to be better human beings? Have we turned out to be independent sole beings who needed no savior for them to help? To save them? To live without a judgemental authority looking down at us whether we are good or evil?

We have done evil things over and over again. Once we are done conducting those evil deeds, we look up and ask for forgiveness. Why is that so? Are we that good of humans that ask for forgiveness once we put the monster inside us to sleep? It is not the goodness that asks for forgiveness. It is the bad conscious, looking up, and asking for pardon for the sins. The bad conscious which felt, yet again, bad for taking the evil path, yet again.

The good never asks for forgiveness. There is nothing wrong done by good, if it truly is good.

Once we were apes!

Even apes fight for the safety of their families. That is good. They do not look up to a superior non-existing being, for help and guidance. But some apes do! We, the humans, do!

Why is it that we still behave like animals and feel ashamed afterwards? Are we that weak of a soul who cannot control ourselves, guide ourselves, or be our own judging authority of our own senses and behaviour, thoughts, ethics, and principles?

Why is it that we need to look up at all? Why is our bad conscience so strong that it makes us conscious of our own bad? No one ever proclaimed “LOOK, YOU WEAK SOULS!! I DID GOOD TODAY!!” No one ever stood on a pedestal to announce the good. We all stood on the pedestals, stood under the limelight and pointed at the bad. We made bad more important than good. WHY??

Once we were apes! We still are!

We still are the animals unable to create better principles and ethics for humankind and live up to them. We levied rules and broke them all. Stronger ethics and principles are yet to be seen on this miracle of a spaceship called Earth.

“Hell is full of interesting people,” says Nietzsche, why? Earth in itself is hell if humans cannot behave like humans. Humans who cannot understand the importance of objective over subjective matter. Humans laugh at the man who tries to preach better lessons and label him boring. “Hell is full of interesting people”! Why is it that we need preachers of all kinds to burn the fire inside us to be good and be fearful of evil? Why can we not be good because that is the way to be? Why is there a need to be collectively good and no importance of individuality? Why can we, individually, think about how to behave and what kind of human would we like our sons and daughters to be? Are we that self-centered, narrowing our minds to that level where nothing goes beyond “us”?

We will put the seed. We are putting the seed. We must make sure that the seed is not of a weed that anyone can crumble with a mere step. A seed should be for something a generation can lay in the shadow of. But not so big of a shadow that the fruit-bearing generation forgets to step out in the sunlight. Let them wander away with their thoughts. The time will come when they will feel confused, lost, and unable to answer the new questions and that will be when the shadow of comfort, stronger will will appear.

Once we were apes! We still are!!

But the irony is we are humans. And it is in the nature of those toads of a human to evolve!

Once we were apes!!


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