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Love for mankind

Is it dead?

By Sanchit BainsPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Love for mankind
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Love for mankind is not something new among human beings. We have always loved each other, survived with each other, and lived with each other. And there are very few individuals who love mankind a bit more than usual.

These few individuals who love mankind a bit more are the ones who want to share everything they have with all of us. They want to share all the knowledge they have with every single one of us in the hope of creating a new better humanity. This love for mankind is nothing but a ray of hope, for them and perhaps for everyone, for a better humanity, a better society, and an improved humankind.

A hermit comes out of his trance, his chosen solitude with all the gained knowledge, bliss, and wisdom and decides to share it with all. Hermit, one out of those few individuals loving humanity, wants to preach the world of better ethics. A hermit from fiction/mythology is considered a saviour of humanity or a relative of God or God himself but a hermit in real life is nothing but a thief who walks away before the Sun comes up.

How far do we have to go to realise that we, as humankind, have chosen the wrong path which leads to our doom? When will it be that we understand and accept the fact that “the Earth has been a mess for too long”? The realisation of our Ethical doom will come far too late and by then no deed will make any redemption.

Ethics is a wonderful subject to learn. It makes strong-willed human beings and a better society. Once we understand the concept of ethics, that is when the love of mankind will be reincarnated. Even while re-learning Ethics, we will have to be careful not to make anyone our saviour. We, humankind, have lived long enough to realise that it is we who make stories, rules, concepts, fear, love, etc. We make them all! We feel them all! So when we can make our own Ethics sowing a seed for a strong-willed future generation, we do not need any savior. We are our own saviour. All we require is the awareness of our power and the love of humans.

We all work for a better future, for the betterment of our future generation. The work for materialistic gains and to pass on the benefits of those materialistic worlds has been part of the game for too long.

We need to create better Ethics and create a hope for a better generation, humans of strong-willed, stronger Ethics, a hope for Superman!

We need to learn again, learn to love and not hate. We have had hate among us for way too long. It is dear time for us to relearn how to love not just one person but the whole of humankind. Instead of praying to God as a daily habit, let’s make a daily habit to put a smile on a person.

We need to relearn how to love mankind. If we cannot be Superman, we will be the fathers and mothers of Superman!

Love for mankind is not yet dead!!


Inspiration for this article has been taken by my favourite philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. The idea started with how in Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Nietzsche makes us realise if God were dead how would we behave individually and collectively.

Further, the concept of making our own ethics and personal rules comes from Beyond Good and Evil. The book explains what will be the impact of not having any metaphysical superior governing body over us.

The idea of putting a smile on a person daily came from Man alone with himself.

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