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Narcissist and psychopath the Beautiful Liar

by Darkos 2 months ago in social media / humanity / friendship / family / advice · updated 2 months ago
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beautiful liar

narc 2021

How clear my mind walk when love and good intentions are just out of work for my own spot

How clear I can see that beautiful liar still does try to chase me

and Yes How easy it was for You to use the moment or two where I just couldn't tell myself from a living hell this guy doesn't care for the war He still thinks about Himself still I did help in a virtual way through created practices itself and I don't regret

How clear my mind walk with the true that seems I still see but the crowd still can't see through in this life being silly and cute maybe makes more sense for the rest

I am beginning to think that It can't be that way but then empaths and highly sensitives are following the narcissists and even does help more than they should and can He is still blaming and belittle them His never ending game to give a pain to bring you down and destroy all that You really truly are. He takes all ideas from You and play the role if that is All him however there are moments in His way where abuse is more visible than You really could say but still crowd follows the fame follows the game, females are finding their shelter in His approach to them. I also had huge respect and love until I reach a peak of the peak of it all. Since the beginning I sensed something was wrong something was not okey. I just didn't feel trusty approach and the real empathic way from His words I laughed for quite a while knowing that He is just looking for a new supply. I never thought I will become a toy for His plot. Using my own situation and struggle He did all to make it double. While we need to deal with unreality of another in a daily struggle it is more than easy to be trapped into such fatal destructiveness of your self esteem which truly it is all what He really want to get. So girl, boy if You are reading it knows You are the smartest human on earth to unmask the most playful ones. Who not only doesn't care but entirely destroy fooling people with their charming full of lies games. Your cognitive possibilities may have been on a sleep mode for some time or so. At the moment You are back on track so don't let this bastards and Morons to go on. The way they have entirely tried to trapped You in their games is the result of Your family plays. As an empath and highly sensitive You are probably dealing with the most horrible things. It is often on a daily basis thing, knows that I and You are both the One and the many of Us that should finally Unite to get all these bastards into the right place to not attract to not attach. Simply unmasking their games and letting know people what is really not wrong with them and what is really going on with them. Yes beautiful liars are controlling the world they reveal and play on the malfunction of Your life and just unfair painful splot. They will use every possible charming and so called empathic gest to make You believe they are truly the best. While they might share things that truly they do make sense in the end there will be always something not clear something left that sooner or later You as a greatly empathic and sensitive human will truly sense and make a puzzle of these all psychopathic and narcissistic games to the very end. In some cases you may feel like in phases when You even start to love and care and that's pretty normal Your heart and intentions are real You are trying to help and heal the worst in the best. You just need to know the price will be higher than all the rest can stand and tell. There is no sense in going deeper into their mistreating event. From the point when You really need to clear all the things out You need to differ what is clearly human thing and what is clearly a lie. They will uncover themselves plenty of time in their own self talk just to make You absorb what they need You to be absorbed. You will start to feel that Your self esteem is going lower under the floor they will destroy all of You Looking like a heroic hero for all the encounters shots.

As long as You will follow all they are pretending to be and do so You will find Yourself likely to be under some kind of impossible control. You will become far away from Your real true self. You will be loosing yourself in their exhausting games. Don't try to convince Yourself You are over forever and it is done until You truly go through all the phases of love, sadness that He was just the One. It is truly frankly fine to be fooled by so many charming eyes. They know exactly how to attract and haunts don't feel guilty in looking the shelter in some invisible arms. You probably are going through a lot otherwise You wouldn't end up being chased by another "polyglot". They know languages that You are not aware not even thinking of One of them is control, emotional manipulation and the last stage a complete deprivation that you are ending with because You followed the so called a future imagination and creation of him that truly doesn't really exist it is just only in their manipulative twist to make You believe that it is all in life that really matter to be for Him and for it whatever it is. It doesn't exist and He is just a mist to his manipulative fist. If you gonna ask me more about the fact Yes they are so beautiful, charming and all of that. Yes they do help at times but most likely You can find it all in another less charming ones. You don't need to heal or follow the lie that might only You uncover until now and for now. At least You became the One who is truly able to see through such a charming lies. You should be proud and happy and free it is not easy to be entirely not seen, blamed and shamed, abused and having experience all these violence You are still walking clearly with Your head as if some kind of truly real living space that so many wanna reach but are following the wrong people just because they were born in the wrong circle. It is not a shame and not a thing to be sad about until You will truly get over that all emotions and make a puzzle of all of that. Malicious narcissist are everywhere, psychopaths are everywhere, sociopaths are everywhere there are no place on earth that you can truly get rid of them.

Don't be afraid, don't be ashamed it is their game it has nothing to do with Your real open mind and heart that is pure to care and stay so long with them. They are truly inhuman reptilians and they are called humans by just themselves but we already know that real human doesn't hide himself or herself from the true that is just in front of them to experience to manage to somehow face with their own life and their own mind at the first place. There are lot's of people who will mirror You to become You it is all so that they will make You believe in them and will have more easy access to simply destroy You. What they don't realize sooner or later lies will come out no matter how long how far the way ! True believer and True Human always stay on their real true path without applause, staying away from fame and the public gaze. So maybe that is why sociopath, narcissist and psychopaths love to copy the good ones and make it their own unreal game.

It is a shame a huge shame but this world doesn't know a better way....If so we would be all in a completely different place and abuse will be just made with financial punishments You will quickly discover how many violence are reduced to almost zero as it just doesn't pay off for such Fake Heroes.

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