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An open letter of thanks

By KCPublished 6 months ago Updated 6 months ago 3 min read
Yes I threw that axe

I believe finding our place in this world is important. Even an introvert needs people, I know because I am one, kind of. Some people don't get that because I have no trouble engaging with others when I have to. I even sometimes put myself in that situation knowing I will need to deal with the consequences after.

The thing about being an ambivert, (someone who has aspects of both introvert and extrovert) is mostly people exhaust me, and if you're not a friend or someone in my life for a reason then I just don't want to know. When I spend a lot of time around people I need to spend a fair chunk of time by myself. I'm also not a fan of putting myself in social situations, and I hate small talk, those social niceties that we're supposed to enjoy.

I don't make friends easily, I can at times be difficult to be around or to get to know (I have had both these things said to me and I'm okay with that) and I'm very happy to admit that. However, those connections I do make are incredibly important to me.

My tribes are incredibly important to me. My family is one, and my close friends another but then there are two particular groups that have filled spaces in my life that just make my life better for them being there.

The cover featuring my choas twins....

My love letter to my con family can be found here. They know who they are and with them I feel I can just be me, no matter what version of me I am on any given day. They accept the quirks and the passion, the heat and the ice.

There is another tribe in my life though. My axe throwing people. I love these guys. We get together once a week during league season and throw hefty chunks of steel at painted target boards, presumably with the objective of winning the game.

The other side of this board is the bullseye, yes I split the board all the way through

Winning though is a bonus. And I do alright in that regard. It isn't however my main reason for going. You may think, well obviously the main reason would be stress relief, and you would be partly true, throwing axes can be very cathartic.

My main reason though, is the people. To be honest they could also fit under the stress relief category, but I'd have to say I think it is more about connections, which is why one of my comfort comp pieces was about tribes, and that can be found here.

These people at axe are an amazing and eclectic group of peeps. It is a place of fun, lots of laughs and dancing, some dressing up, a little bit of competitiveness, and just great people to spend time with. People usually drain me, but mostly I leave league feeling more balanced out than I went in.

Our league Mistress also deserves special mention. Before she took over we were floundering a little, the competition had become more important and the numbers weren't great, even though some of the connections were, which is why I kept going. When our new amazing dynamo of a Mistress took over she changed a few things around, got a little inventive and perhaps through the strength of her will, though mostly her incredible personality, we are now a thriving little community.

I wouldn't change it, and I'm loathe to miss league nights. I've found a tribe that works for me, even though when I mention it I often get raised eyebrows. I know the value of a found tribe my wish is for you to go out there into the world and find a tribe that works for you.

Well are you?

As always I hope you enjoy, please jump across to any of my other stories for a read, and if you really love my work feel free to chuck a little something in the tip jar...


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