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My Husband Is Going To Leave Me (How To Get My Husband To Stay With Me)

Are you in a marriage where you're saying or thinking my husband is going to leave me? You're likely wondering what's going to come of your marriage. Very likely at this point... in your mind... you're probably thinking that this means the end of your marriage is very near. If you're looking for how to get my husband to stay with me then you'll want to read every word of this article.

By Amora StevPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

Life can be very unfair at times. One such situation is when your husband is planning to leave you. Such a situation though common these days, leaves most women desperate and traumatized. The worst part is that at times, it can be impossible to change or soften a hardened mind. The situation is more pathetic when your husband is planning to leave you for another woman.

But we cannot allow sadness or such mental traumas to run or ruin our lives forever. Similarly, you have to pick yourself up and deal with the situation with as much grace and calmness as possible. Remember, no amount of tears, begging or pleading can help you to save your marriage. A decision like leaving a wife and home is usually not taken overnight.

So how should you handle the situation when your husband is planning to leave you? If you are still in love with your husband and fondly wish that he changed hi mind at the last moment or sometime soon, you could following these tips:

o Remain calm. Instead of shouting abuses or throwing tantrums (which he is expecting you to do) agree to the split. Say that you agree to his decision and think that the separation might be good for the relationship.

o Do not try to do any emotional blackmailing at this stage. This includes citing 'props' like kids, finances, and family issues etc, as reasons for staying back. These are useless attempts for reviving the situation when your husband is planning to leave you.

o When your husband is planning to leave you, start taking interest in yourself - your career and life in general. Keep your emotions to yourself. Be happy with whatever reasons he has given you for his decision to leave you.

o Try and bring him down to a conversation with you where you listen to whatever he has to say about you, the home, and the relationship.

o If you seriously think that there are scopes to improve your own attitudes and behaviors to save the marriage, go ahead and promise him these changes.

o Do not go overboard with your promises - as you might find the entire exercise of changing for your husband a very draining experience.

o Therefore when your husband is planning to leave you, think rationally, whether it is worth your while to hold him back for the sake of the marriage or is it genuine love and respect that you feel for him? This could also be your chance to move out of a loveless marriage.

Some Great Ways To Help Save Your Marriage

Marriage is a wonderful relationship between two people who really love one another. It is also a lot of work at times. If you are in one of those difficult times in your marriage you may be wondering how to help save your marriage. If this is true, then you've found a place where you can get help. Not only help to save marriage but help to keep your marriage running smoothly.

One of the great things you can do is to carry on dating each other after your wedding day. It is easy to get into a routine, but it's important that you keep your relationship fresh and exciting. Book a time to go out on a date at least once every couple of weeks and even more often.

I am talking about just the two of you, going out together without the children or even friends. Act towards each other as if this was one of the first times the two of you went out. You may have forgotten but that means looking your best by dressing to impress and for you guys, be romantic.

It is true that this lack of quality time together is a major factor in relationship problems. In this day and age the need for a double income creating very busy schedules makes spending this quality time together a challenge for sure. That is why you often need to schedule time together. It is important that you avoid interruptions as much as possible during this time. Unfortunately for some people (most of us) that means leaving the cell phone off, and not spending that time in front of a television. You really need to keep your focus on one another by the company of each other with some great conversation.

Though this is good if your marriage hasn't gone too far it is difficult to make this work if you can hardly talk to each other. If that is your situation then you probably need to work on some other things first and then put what we've just talked about into practice.

If you are hardly able to talk to each other yet you are both willing to work at saving your marriage then maybe you need to focus on your communication skills.

One of the aspects of learning to communicate well is doing it fairly. A way you can do this is by giving your spouse time to explain what is important or upsetting to them. Both spouses need to be thoughtful and really listen to each other without interrupting while the other expresses his or her opinions and wishes.

Along with that, decisions need to be made in a way in which both agree. If this isn't true then there is no harmony in your relationship. This cannot be accomplished with raised voices or walked out on one another. You got to realize that some of what makes any marriage good is working out your problems together.

Another thing that helps make your marriage great is where you focus your attention. It has a lot to do with the reality you want to create for your lives. If you focus on what you like and learn to appreciate the good things you have. You'll feel much better about the people around you including your spouse.

Likewise, if you have an attitude of entitlement (I deserve something better), Life will be nothing but a struggle for you, including your marriage.

Really, fulfillment and happiness comes from where you focus your attention. So start focusing your attention on the great things about your spouse. Why you fell in love with them in the first place and working on your communication skills and spending time together and before you know it you may just be back in love with your spouse more than ever before!

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