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My Husband Wants To Get Back Together After Separation (Husband Returning Home After Separation)

Are you worried about your marriage, saying to yourself my husband wants to get back together after separation, what do I do? If so then it's important that you don't make the mistake that most women make in this situation. This article will tell you the number one reason your husband is returning home after separation, and at the same time exactly what you need to do.

By Amora StevPublished 2 years ago 5 min read
My Husband Wants To Get Back Together After Separation (Husband Returning Home After Separation)
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Making your marriage work after a separation can be a challenge even when the timing is perfect. But going into knowing that the timing is off is conceding that you already have something stacked against you. There's no reason to do this when waiting would likely give you a better result and allow you to be more enthusiastic about the process.

So how do you clearly communicate this without being hurtful? Well first, I would think that you stress the positive. You have made so much progress. You have seen some wonderful and encouraging changes. And the time apart has made you appreciate your husband and allowed you to see that he is willing to put your needs and your well being first. Second, you may want to offer some compromise. Because at the heart of it, he's really looking to move forward. Perhaps you're not ready for him to move back in, but maybe you're perfectly comfortable with spending weekends together or seeing each other for extended periods of time more often. All of this is important to communicate.

So you may want to say something like: "it's so encouraging that you want to come home. That makes me see how far we have come. And that touches me deeply. I know that we have both worked hard during this separation and I see a lot of positive signs that make me very hopeful about the future. I do believe that the time will be right for us to live together again soon, but I'm just not ready quite yet. And by that I don't mean that I don't want you with me or that our marriage isn't what I want. What I mean by that is that I still feel that I need a little bit of time to work on myself. I want to be as strong and as healthy as possible so that as an individual I can make our marriage and our partnership as strong as it can possibly be. And for that I just need a little bit more time. I want for our marriage to survive and thrive once you come home so I want for both of us to be as ready as we can possibly be. In the meantime, I'd love to start spending weekends together so that we can sort of ease back into a permanent living situation when the time is right. Does that sound good to you?"

Of course, this is just a suggestion. Feel free to add in whatever words or suggestions that will work best for your marriage. But the key is to say this in such a way that he feels encouraged and so that he understands.

How to Have a Good Marriage After a Trial Separation

Do you think you don't know how to have a good marriage because you tried trial separation? Having a good marriage after being separated for a while is achievable. In fact, it's already an accomplishment that even though you and your spouse are facing marital conflicts, you didn't end up in divorce or annulment.

Sometimes, trial separation is also effective to sort things out for couples, in their own separate ways. Their time apart from each other will provide them the space to think things over and ask themselves some questions like what went wrong, what are each other's faults and shortcomings, what to do to patch things up, and finally, how to have a good marriage despite being separated.

It's true that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Trial separations give couples the chance to compare their lives alone versus their lives together. In most cases, for couples who believe that there is still something good in their marriage, being with their partner is still better than being on their own. This realization will make things better for both of them. Trial separations are usually caused by excessive fighting, over-possessive partners, and falling out of love. Solving the reasons will answer the how to have a good marriage after the trial separation.

If you and your partner are fighting almost every night about both major and simple reasons, cooling down is a proven solution. However, after being apart, this hitch must be faced objectively to establish a good marriage. Compromise is the best solution when you and your partner fight all the time. If you have issues against your partner, say it in a constructive way. How that issue affected you, the reason why such thing happened, and if there is a way in which your partner could avoid doing it.

Remember that the manner of saying things means a lot. You don't have to make it look like it was entirely your partner's fault that you are hurt. Hurting him with how you say things will not make things any better. Also, the best answer to anger is silence, it's worth trying sometimes.

Suffocating or over-possessive partners are another major reason for trial separations. It violates the other's freedom, independence, and his/her identity as an individual. The person being tightly tied usually initiates the trial separation to cut loose and breathe, away from the suffocating spouse. Respect for each other's individuality is very vital in all marriage relationships because you don't own your spouse.

You are neither your spouse's master. For personal growth, you and your partner must spend some 'alone time', time with friends, with children, family, and colleagues. These foster healthy relationships with others and with you as well.

If you have fallen out of love, and have probably said one of these things: 'We no longer have the spark that we used to have', or 'It doesn't feel the same anymore', or 'He no longer affects me like he used to', trial separation have established its reputation that this problem not lead to total separation.

Trial separation gives the couple the possibility to miss the other, and rediscover the love buried by an already boring and unexciting marriage relationship. After being apart, you and your partner can bring that magic, spark, and effect on each other like they used to. These can be revived by spending quality time, hugging and kissing more often, and keeping the lines of communication open.

At times, when things are really getting tough in your marriage, trial separation is also a good option. Especially when you believe that there is still something good and worth saving in your marriage. After this trial separation, there's a fat chance that you'll know how to have a good marriage.

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