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My Husband Ignores Me When I Talk To Him (My Husband Is Ignoring Me For No Reason)

As someone who gives marriage advice, one of the things I unfortunately hear from women is my husband ignores me when I talk to him. If you're in this spot, then I know that you're probably a little devastated, and also feeling a little panicky, like everything is about to end. This happens to a lot of marriages and frankly there's usually one main reason that causes you to be in a position where you're saying my husband is ignoring me for no reason.

By Zara VeraPublished 2 years ago 7 min read

My husband is not talking to me and he seems to be ignoring me. What should I do to recapture his attention?

Men do not communicate as much as women and many guys tend to have strong ego. They may also try to hide their feelings or problems from you. Something must be missing in the marriage and it can be any reasons that your husband is ignoring you. He may find the marriage plain and boring, he is angry with you or he is vexing with his work, financial, etc.

Stay cool and never be too eager to force him for an answer why he is ignoring you. Any extreme in your behavior may make your relationship worse. Try not to cry or quarrel with him.

Let your husband know about how you feel. Tell him that you are feeling a distance in the relationship. Listen to what he has to say. Discuss with him about how you would like to improve this marriage.

Learn to communicate openly and freely with your husband. By understanding his thoughts, you will be able to know what he really needs. When he can feel that you respect and cherish him, he will also do the same to you.

Showing your husband the right affection can make him feel that you appreciate him. Sometimes, a relationship can turn plain and boring when the novelty of the relationship has worn off. Focus on doing things together and you can rekindle his love by reminiscing the beautiful memories that both of you had.

10 Plus Creative Ways to Communicate With Your Husband

Married women often become puzzled and anxious about their marriage relationship because they don't know how to properly communicate with their husbands. Instead of speaking loving and respectfully to their husbands, women often resort to complaining and nagging, which results in either half-hearted responses or no response at all from their husbands. This can result in frustration, resentment, and bitterness for both the wife and her husband.

After having been married for almost twelve years, I'm a firm believer that as women it's necessary for us to learn more creative and non-threatening ways to talk with our husbands, if we want meaningful communication.

Below you'll find over 10 ways to communicate effectively with your husband:

1. Get a Ph.D in knowing your husband. Although learning about your husband will require extra time, work, and humility on your part, it's absolutely free! Sometimes when we've been married for a certain period of time, it's easy to take our husbands for granted because we think we know them so well. Because of this, we often fail to notice the changes our husbands can go through as life progresses. Take time to re-educate yourself on your husband. Watch his mannerisms and/or any changes in his life. You could also take note of his interests as well as his dislikes.

2. Listen to Your Husband with an Unbiased Attitude. If you, like myself, are the exact opposite of your husband, chances are you won't agree with every opinion he has or every decision he makes. Often this can cause us to respond harshly to their thoughts when they do actually try to express themselves. As a result your husband could shut down from the conversation and refuse to communicate with you at other times. In addition, we can become indifferent to their opinions by "tuning out" of the conversation or focusing on other things such as the TV, the computer, or the cell phone during your conversation. Being an active listener requires listening to your husband with an open mind and the proper attitude, whether you agree with him or not.

3. Bless your husband with an unexpected, inexpensive gift. If you know what your husband likes, this is probably an easy thing for you to do. For instance, if he enjoys sports, you could get him a Jersey or keychain with his favorite sports team or player name on it. If he's a music fan, you could get him a CD. If he likes a particular food, you could cook it for him, or purchase a gift card from his favorite restaurant.

4. Pray for your Husband. Sometimes when we talk to God, praying for our husbands can be difficult especially when we're angry with them. However, we can't let our emotions dictate whether or not we pray for them. Examples of some things you could pray for your husband include:

• Discernment

• Wisdom

• Grace

• An overflow of creative ideas for his job, ministry, family, and building the Kingdom of God

• Surround him with godly men who can encourage him to grow spiritually

• Favor in every area of his life

• The grace to overcome temptation

5. Identify and become fluent with your husband's love language. If you haven't read Dr. Gary Chapman's book, "The Five Love Languages" I suggest you do. A love language is the primary way a person expresses him/herself. It's a type of gesture or expression that makes a person feel loved and valued.

The Five Love Languages include:

• Words of Affirmation

• Quality Time

• Physical Touch

• Receiving Gifts

• Acts of Service

6. Pray for Guidance. Ask God to help you say something to encourage your husband each morning. Ask Him to give you the grace to know when to remain quiet. Our words can either build up or tear down our husbands. This is why it's so important to be mindful of what we say, how we say it, and when we say it to them.

7. Recognize Your Husband's Life Suckers. Consider what stresses your husband and drains him on a daily basis. What angers him? (Make sure it's not you!) It could be his job, a certain person (or group of people), money problems, or a particular situation. Try to do what you can to get rid of these things in his life or at least try to alleviate the stress.

8. If you have been arguing with your husband on a consistent basis, apologize to him for the things you know you did wrong. For example, if you've said something to hurt your husband's feelings, you could apologize to him. Or if you refused to do something you promised you would do, you could apologize. (Don't expect an apology from him even if he was wrong. You cannot control what he does to you. You can only control your actions. In fact, your willingness to apologize could in turn encourage him to do the same.) You may need to take some quiet time to consider where you were wrong, but it can be done. Then let your husband know that you sincerely want to work with him to rebuild the love and respect in your marriage relationship. Then do it!

9. Do your best to look good for your husband. Men are visual, so if you look your best for your husband, you're communicating that you respect his desire for you to look attractive; and it also makes you feel better. Sometimes, we can allow children, work, ministry, and many other factors to hinder us from taking time to look good, but we must learn to invest in ourselves.

10. Make passionate love to your husband. It's one thing to have sex with your husband, but it's another thing to give him your all! My husband can tell when I'm really passionate about making love to him, and when I'm not. When I don't put for the effort to have passionate sex, he calls it "Pity sex", meaning I'm only doing it to fulfill my "wifely" obligations. This type of "Pity sex" involves no passion, no desire, but just duty. How pleasing is that to your husband? But when I give it my all, he says nothing but "Thank you..." and this effort on my part strengthens our relationship, and ultimately opens up the doors for intimate, effective communication.

11. Pray with Your Husband. This is a very powerful tactic. Ask, but don't nag, and if he doesn't feel fully comfortable with praying aloud with you, suggest the two of you hold hands and do a silent prayer for one another and once each person is finished you can say, "Amen.

Although your marriage may be void of healthy and meaningful communication right now, you can do your part to help encourage communication. It will take time, effort, and creativity; but if you work at it on a consistent basis, you should see a breakthrough that can help to benefit your marriage.

It's all up to you! If you don't take this action to save your marriage, then who will?

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