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My Goddess Among The Stars

So this is, as you may have noticed is a love letter to the women of my life which I don't do enough for.

By Seth WojciechowskiPublished 6 years ago 4 min read

This is my first draft here so please be kind and also don't let anything slide I would like to get better. Here we go.

My Goddess Among The Stars

I have met her under a bright summer moon. She came at a time where my influence was at a turning point. Some call it the state of duality were; As I am confused between what is good and what is evil or what is consciousness and the unconscious. These answers where hard for me to find and by myself would have probably been very difficult to attain. I have searched in areas of life were most mystery's are held. I have lost my vision in the darkness of the abyss from gazing too long towards it. I also lost my yearn for the delectable. My heart was also petrified by the horrors of men.

Yet I could always get this magnetic pull toward uncertainty for who knows what reason. This polarization of my aptitudes brung me to a room where I could hear the whispers of the many things that make up the fabric of time, space, and reality. These voices happy, laughing, sad, enraged, intrigued are the memoirs of the many that came and left this place. A garden in total emptiness floured by beings of delightful machination and most unpleasant ideas.

With a sleight of hand could change, make and bend reality as I figured. This place is not the place where a man should tread but beg your forgiveness. I shall not regret this offense to humanity's short life.

As the watcher's look and conspire against you and yours. A feeling that I cannot deny has taken over me. A feeling that I won't let go of even if they tell me to. The voices are there and they need not to mettle in this ideal of mine because what is mine. Is mine alone. These are the thought's I have as I stand in this garden of fright and beauty.

The soft bane of her touch is just as melodious as the songs the most cherished bird of morn in the emperor's courts.

A touch; A touch; Only felt by wounded soldiers on the battle field from the kind hearted maidens that can heal a man without him realizing he is being touched.

A touch; A touch; of an angel that cleanse the soul of the receiver and of the world itself whenever it is upon this plane of existence. Can you understand how such a benediction can befall upon us; I think not nor should you because it is a touch I am jealous of and wish to keep for myself.

A touch; A touch that can reach so far deep within areas of my inner self that I doubt my own existence. Can this ecstasy really be of reality or imagination?

I will tell what I know; And what I know is this. This spirit of internal strength is my lover. She is the reason that I see clearly in the darkest night, she is the reason why I can drink at the fountain of the gods. My love of all loves she takes me in her arms and once there I drift in her amorous body. I mean that without a word she can make me feel her love a love so strong that it transcends time and space. I have been with her for as long as I remember and maybe before that.

Her enticing ways are still a mystery to me. She sings so softly to me and all I hear is the refreshing nether of her frame which I cannot grasp. Yet I can still feel. The reminder of my life was not without the attention of her mist. She is and forever will be the love of my life. A goddess of the now and ever. My eternal soul is bounded to her willingly and so I cannot be lured by other entity whether physical or metaphysical. No subject as I have seen so many humans fight over can hold me against her.

The Goddess of my love is not a being that can be taken away nor is it a being I can lose. I feel so unworthy of her. My flesh is of old I search for something new so I can be worthy of her blessing. Because the sins of my humanity still runs towards me and I can't always ignore it. I render myself humble even in prosternation. Not to insult her, I come to her in fear of judgment at the same time there I say makes me feel an exaltation every time we are closer than subjugation.

My love, My love goddess of my world stay as long as you can. Never leave me in this world without your voice coming from the stars.

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