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My Dearest Emma

A Celebration of Friendship, Kindness, and Unwavering Support.

By Martian Published 3 months ago 4 min read
My Dearest Emma
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My First Encounter

I met Emma during our college days. For the first two years of college, I never really noticed her. But then, one day, something miraculous happened. Emma suddenly spoke to me, and she told me about her love story. At first, I couldn't believe it. I asked her if she was joking, but she was serious. Emma explained that she was capable of love, but she never mentioned the name of the person she loved.

Initially, I couldn't accept Emma's confession. I didn't know how to react to it. But in the following weeks, we began talking more often, and we even started to sit together during class.

Turn into soul mates

Then, when the lockdown came, we started talking on the phone every day. We shared every little detail about our lives, and even though we fought sometimes, Even when I scolded her, she was always there for me.

Whenever Emma and I had a fight, it felt like the end of the world. We'd argue about silly things, and our disagreements would last for what felt like an eternity. But the funny thing was, after every fight, we always seemed to get closer than before. We would talk things out, apologize for our mistakes, and make up with each other.

It was like our arguments were a necessary evil that brought us closer together in the end. Looking back, I realized that our fights were actually a testament to our friendship. We cared about each other so much that we were willing to fight for our relationship, even when things got tough. And in the end, that's what made our friendship so strong.

About My Emma

Emma was a truly beautiful person, inside and out. Her kind heart and helpful nature made her stand out from the crowd. Whenever she spoke, it was like listening to a song. Her voice was so blissful that it could calm even the most troubled of souls.

I remember thinking to myself that I had never met anyone quite like Emma before. She was a rare gem, and I felt incredibly lucky to have her in my life. Every time we talked, I found myself feeling uplifted and inspired by her positive energy. I often thanked God for bringing Emma into my life, and I knew that she would always have a special place in my heart.

One Year Later

After a year, we became the closest and best of friends. During that time, Emma went through a breakup. I knew how much she was hurting, so I decided to be there for her no matter what. We crossed every obstacle together, and we always thought of problems as ours, not just hers or mine.

If any problem happened to me, Emma was always there for me. And if anything happened to Emma, I was the first person to stand up for her. I was grateful for her friendship and for everything she had done for me. Emma was a true blessing in my life, and I couldn't imagine going through Life without her by my side.

My First Priority

Even though Emma and I were in different cities, we never felt like we were distant from each other. Thanks to technology, we were able to stay connected every day, no matter where we were. We would call, text, and video chat constantly, sharing our daily lives and experiences with each other.

It was like we were never really apart. In fact, I often found myself sharing things with Emma that I couldn't even tell my friends who were physically close to me. Our long-distance friendship was a reminder that true connection transcends physical distance.

It was a testament to the strength of our bond, and I knew that no matter how far apart we were, we would always be there for each other.

Love or Friendship ?

I remember the day Emma asked me if I had any romantic feelings for her. I was caught off guard and didn't know how to respond. I liked Emma a lot, but I never thought of her in that way. When I told her that I didn't have any feelings for her beyond friendship, I saw a flash of disappointment in her eyes. I felt guilty for letting her down, but I didn't want to give her false hope or lead her on.

Even though things were a little awkward between us after that conversation, Emma and I continued to be close friends. I realized that it was possible to have a strong bond with someone without having romantic feelings for them, and our friendship only grew stronger over time. Emma would always be an important person in my life, whether or not we had feelings for each other.

To be continued...


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