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Love is boring.


By QuangPublished 28 days ago 3 min read

I have a best friend who's been in love for six years. I was just asking what was the secret to long-time love? Have you ever argued? How many days are you angry with each other? Who made the reconciliation first? I always look at them like young birds. I've never seen him complain or care about others. It's like after all these years, it's all...

When he was asking, his phone was ringing. Love calls, she's sacred!

"Oh! This is me. Yeah, I'm sitting for a drink with a group of friends, and I'll be back soon! "

They're kidding him. "I'm afraid to hear your little lover's phone." "The other end of the cord also responds to the barbaric gentleness.

"Yes! I was asleep before. I'll sit down with you! "

I just noticed, from the moment I got used to it, every gathering. I've never seen my friend plugged his head into the phone for texting. Or hearing too many calls from a lover. They both seem to respect each other's private lives, and they must trust each other a lot. And that 's what long-lasting love obviously is!

I'm also a model who loves freedom, and deeply respects the privacy of others. My lover once said. "I love the way you love me. I never go anywhere. or with whom? And he never returns! " Actually, I'm simple. If you have a word with yourself, you can go whatever you want, if you don't do something wrong with each other, love will be beautiful, you will always be free to gather friends. As long as you're polite and decent, there's nothing to forbid, even if you go out with your friends. And you don't care about me, your life. Warm up the body when you play. Grown up, self-conscious, not a child that can run the whole day after the guards:)

He just turned off the phone and answered the secret of love.

He said that it's normal to be in love, that you can't avoid a fight, but for a moment, one of you starts talking like, "What are you doing? Have you eaten? " and the lover replied as if he had nothing. And don't talk about causing controversy because it doesn't matter who's right or wrong. He never gets angry for a day without talking, because he knows if you don't care, if you ask each other, he's sad himself and the person he loves is sad too. Life's tired enough, so what if we're tired of each other?

He's done, the assembly is silent. I remember being angry with each other for days and lovers with no one to talk to. It 's always hot.

"Why are you angry with each other, when you spend your time in love with me, do you care more about me?"

The boyfriend's always texting like he's been waiting.

"I miss you, too, so don't argue! I'm upset, so am I!"

So the heart was so gentle, every day passed sad and sad and kept holding myself turned out to be okay.

In fact, whether or not love lasts depends on whether we give up our self and keep it. How about self-respect or being honest with someone you love?

I'd rather go down a little water and have fun together, overcome the winds of life. It 's more than putting pressure on each other. How can we be happy when our lovers are sad? To be angry with someone you love is to lose your soul.

Because we 're always together, we need each other as an integral part. What kind of pale? How can we change? This is a big break, so everyone gives himself the right to be quiet, and then makes his opponent feel like he doesn 't need them to break up?

Love is less selfish. Because you're alive!

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