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Love and Marriage

by 哦豁 4 months ago in love
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Love and Marriage

Love and Marriage

In this materialistic era, many people are confused about love. Because love in modern society is mixed with many materialistic factors, many people are not sure whether they can have a real love of their own.

Nowadays, girls like their significant other to be romantic and affectionate, giving themselves a little surprise from time to time, I think such love can only be a part of the memories of the teenage years, and it cannot be used as a standard for future marriage. The real love is generally as plain as water, but no matter what the situation will not leave, for a woman, move to kneel down and swear the man, that is a good man? When you're young, you don't understand love at all, when people are married for several years, only to understand what love between couples, love, it's really vague, more of a responsibility, a kind of affection, and a woman (or man) to live together for decades, raising children together to honor the elderly, what promises, romance are floating clouds, only the essence of things will not change, but some of the bones of things people tend to be difficult to find. But these are the things in the bones that determine your happiness in this life. Running a marriage is very risky and brainy, and it takes our whole life to run it, which means it's important to choose the right person, and there are definitely setbacks in life, and it's important to deal with the attitude of setbacks. Those young boys and girls in love, throw away those vain things, look at the other half, is it really suitable?

One day, Plato asked his teacher Socrates what love was. The teacher told him to go to the wheat field and pick the biggest and most golden ears of wheat in the whole field, and he could only pick them once, and he could only go forward and not turn back. Plato then did as the teacher said. As a result, he walked out of the field empty-handed. The teacher asked him why he couldn't pick it. He said: Because he could only pick once, and could not go back, even if he saw the largest and most golden, because he did not know whether there were better ones in front of him, so he did not pick; when he came to the front, he found that it was not as good as the ones he saw before, and the largest and most golden ears of wheat had already been missed; so I picked nothing. The teacher said: this is "love". Then one day, Plato asked his teacher what marriage was, and his teacher told him to go to the woods and cut down the largest and most luxuriant tree in the woods, the one most suitable for his home as a Christmas tree. The same could only be cut once, and the same could only go forward, not back. Plato then did as his teacher had said. This time, he brought back an ordinary tree, not very luxuriant, and not too bad. When the teacher asked him how he had come back with this ordinary tree, he said, "Having had the experience of the last time, when I had gone most of the way and was still empty-handed, I saw that this tree was not too bad, so I cut it down, so that I would not miss it and then end up with nothing." The teacher said, "That's marriage!" Life is like walking through a field of wheat and a forest, only once, without turning back. To find the best wheat and trees that belong to you, you have to have great courage and put in considerable effort.

Believe that love is something that can be found but not sought, and that everything goes with the flow. As long as there is a sincere heart for each other, heart and mind will always meet.

Finally, I would like to conclude my view on love and marriage with a slightly poetic quote.

Love is holding hands in the street,

Marriage is arguing with each other in the street.

Love is dinner for two at your favorite restaurant,

Marriage is Chinese take-out.

Love is cuddling on the couch, marriage is deciding which couch to buy.

Marriage is deciding which couch to buy.

Love is talking about wanting kids, marriage is talking about getting rid of kids.

Marriage is talking about how to get rid of kids.

Love is going to bed early, marriage is going to bed early.

Marriage is going to bed early.

Love is a romantic journey.

Marriage is a trip to the parking lot.

Love is losing your appetite.

Marriage is out of shape.

Love is sweet, words in the ear are nothing.

Marriage is sweet, the bank is empty.

Love is a flickering flame.

Marriage is a flickering television.

Love is a bottle of drink with two straws.

Marriage is "Don't you think you've had enough?"


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