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Analysis of contemporary college students' view of love

by 哦豁 4 months ago in love
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Analysis of contemporary college students' view of love

Analysis of contemporary college students' view of love

Facing the complicated love in novels and TVs, and facing the many sweet couples around in university life, many contemporary college students suffer from the eager desire to have their own love. As a result, more and more people pursue their love through various ways, and more and more people start to think about their love right after they put down the heavy burden of college entrance exams and enter college.

For most of the contemporary college students are more willing to choose the real love, they think that the real love is more real than online love. Because in reality, we can communicate face to face, better to confide in each other, more to enhance mutual understanding, to be able to show the true heart to each other, and accept the reality of the test, this kind of feelings is deep and real. However, there are still people who are willing to choose online dating, they are curious about online dating and want to try, maybe just to meet the inner curiosity and pursuit, maybe to catch the trend, maybe think that the life of the university is very empty, very boring, in order to get rid of this empty life and in search of some exciting things. The college students who choose online dating and online dating just cater to their mindset and become one of the ways to pass the time for most of them. They do not think deeply about what love is and easily let themselves fall in love. This kind of online dating in its ordinary state is just mental communication. It gives emotional enrichment and communication, is a spiritual pillar, and can relieve one's mental stress. However it is after all only a spiritual thing, without a solid basis in reality, easily subject to mental state change and irreversible. And, many people will think that since it is online dating that it is unreal and they don't have to think about what consequences any of their words will cause in the process of online dating, which is precisely the factor that may lead to people's sense of responsibility becoming absent and looking at their feelings casually. Therefore, contemporary college students should grasp the scale of online dating and not give their valuable love easily. As people transition from high school to college, they are at once without the real-time supervision of teachers and parents, more relaxed, more free space, and not as busy in study as before, thus creating a feeling of doing nothing. At the same time, they do not know how to arrange their free time correctly, which is the biggest reason that makes contemporary college students feel uninteresting and empty in life. So the school should also guide the college students and teach them how to arrange their time reasonably, especially for those students who have formed confusion, they should find and enlighten and help in time to help the contemporary college students get out of the misunderstanding of online dating.

At the same time, although most contemporary college students think they can face the breakup frankly and correctly, there are some extreme people who, perhaps because it is difficult to recover their feelings by paying too much, choose to pester each other by all means to recover the long-broken relationship; perhaps because they feel abandoned and resentful under the cold detachment of each other, they do something to ruin each other's reputation; even they commit suicide to make each other The other party may not be able to do anything rational. And in the face of their own desire to break up their answer is not a dash to put forward, but cowering to wait, they have considered their own feelings about others and others should be mutually sympathetic to their feelings. Perhaps this is where breakups hurt, making people become unlike themselves. Therefore, contemporary college students should have a rational mind, when one party no longer has the initial feelings for the other party, should be sensible and in a way that is most acceptable to the other party to tell each other, rather than passive avoidance. The negative treatment will only make the relationship more difficult to clean up, causing more mistakes and hurting each other more deeply. Since love is so beautiful and easy when it comes, it should also leave an ending and a memory when it dies, not a series of ellipses and mutual torture.

In general, contemporary college students have formed a more mature awareness of love, and a considerable number of college students have formed a correct concept of love or have the quality to establish a correct concept of love.

Second, the analysis of contemporary college students' view of marriage

The idea of "don't care about the longevity, just care about once having" has a significant influence on the marriage concept of contemporary college students. This shows that contemporary college students are not mature enough to make their own ideology and consciousness, and they are not able to look at all the problems reasonably, especially those related to emotions, and they are prone to playfulness and follow the trend. Because the contemporary college students are full of beautiful longing for love, they go into the season of love and enjoy the nectar of love. However, the economic independence of college students during their study period, the immaturity of their understanding and judgment of people and things, and the uncertainty of their living area and positions after graduation all determine that the proportion of college students falling in love and going to the marriage hall is not very high. However, the concept of marriage is an important part of college students' value orientation, and its correctness or incorrectness will deeply affect the quality of college students' life during their school years and further influence their whole life journey. Only with a scientific spirit and responsible attitude, the positive side of the pair will not be avoided. In today's prosperous science and technology, contemporary college students should establish the correct concept of love and marriage, learn to correctly deal with various problems encountered in love and marriage, not to affect the quality of life and their physical and mental health due to improper handling of love problems, and promote a more valuable and meaningful life in college, so as to lay the foundation for the future journey of life. In general, the contemporary college students' view of marriage is more rational, but not mature enough.

As the pillar of the motherland, the contemporary college students should treat love and marriage correctly, have a positive and healthy way of love, and reflect the purity and nobleness of love. Since in contemporary times, college students fall in love is a social development trend, college students should have a correct concept of love and marriage in order to play a positive role in their understanding of self, perfecting self, developing self and transcending self. Therefore, contemporary college students should establish a correct concept of love and marriage, and correctly deal with a series of contradictions and choices arising from love and marriage and sexual problems, so that their college life can be more fulfilling and wonderful.


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