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Life has a way of tossing you around, what will you do?

Life, it will always have its way to push us to the edge, a retreat and escape, will only make us farther and farther from our dreams

By Many A-SunPublished 3 months ago 5 min read


Just after payday, Muzi updated a message in his circle of friends: Finally, it's over! It's the end of a 5-year-long debt run.

The company's main goal is to provide a solution to the problem of the problem. The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

To music's credit card 30,000 yuan line burst, and applied for a temporary line of 50,000 yuan. In the first six months, A paid the loan on time and in quantity. One day, suddenly called Muzi, to the effect that the capital chain broke, lost more than 300,000, I'm sorry, he could not continue to pay back the money.

Blocked the door a few times, and scolded for a few months, but no money is no money, always not to force A to steal to rob it.

At that time, Muzi's salary was only 3,000 yuan, the face of nearly 3,000 yuan per month installment plus interest, had to move from the community to the bungalow - the bathroom and bathroom common; no network, can only rub others WIFI; kimchi box after box.

Before the accident, I often mixed with Muzi in stalls and nightclubs. At that time, we are very poor, but also dare to ask for 20 yuan for a bottle of beer in KTV, but also a box of boxes to hold. Later, Muzi rarely came out to play.

Before meeting A, Muzi's life is quite smh up, he planned to use three years to save some money, first refurbish the old house, and then earn some wife books. Because of this out, until now, the family lives in a broken house.

When you are not rich, or even overdrawn on credit cards, lending money to friends, friends are looking for a variety of excuses or even play disappeared not to return the money, you will do? When you listened to a friend's project, the entire family was cheated out of everything, what will you do? Life, often in various ways torments you, and even forces you into a situation you did not expect, what can you do?

I asked Muzi, how did you get through it? Muzi is smiling and said, meet someone wrong, too gullible to trust others, what can I do? It's not survived, the day is bitter, and the laughing day is also over. Fortunately, no impulsive offense, later to polish the eyes, continue to work hard, continue to go forward!


My friend Miss Chen came to me for dinner some time ago, I especially gave her an order of grains and cereals. Unexpectedly, once she was seated, she pulled out a bottle of small two potheads from the bag and said to drink a few glasses with me.

I asked her, what is the situation? She said cheerfully, nothing, just want to drink.

When I returned from the bathroom, I saw Miss Chen staring at her phone, tears dripping from the screen. Seeing me back, her face immediately put up a smile again.

Did I ask her, before the daily talk about preparing for pregnancy, how to make an exception today? The fact is that you'll be able to get a lot more than just a couple of days to get a lot more than just a couple of days.

I asked her in return, what kind of certificate? The birth certificate? Ms. Chen said, divorce certificate.

A month ago, Ms. Chen just posted in her circle of friends nine pictures, eight wedding photos plus the marriage certificate photo, with the text "wish us happiness".

Miss morning while laughing, and tears, said, she and her ex-husband met in sophomore year, fell in love in junior year, 6 years, and finally come to fruition, but also finally labor geese fly apart.

Did I ask Ms. Chen, what the plan is to do? She said with a smile, what else can we do? Installments of electric cars and computers continue to pay off, the class continues to go, and the day still has to live, does not it? Seeking death is not necessary, after all, he did not cheat on me and did not change his mind, just inappropriate, do not see the future, not blessed. Let go and wish each other a better life.

Love and marriage, after all, are two different subjects. The fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on this. The love in the story is a momentary heartbeat, a minute heartbeat; but real life is day after day without a script live, it always has a way to let you jump into the trap set by others or their own digging a hole.

He left, what to do? Either chase back, or let go, very cruel, but also very simple ......


Life will always toss you in some unexpected ways, for example, a half-hour early taxi to the station, the middle of a traffic jam, or the driver took the wrong road, or the vehicle broke down, or there was a traffic accident ...... What do you do? Cursing and blaming their luck, or first changing the ticket?

When you go shopping with friends and your wallet and cell phone are stolen on the bus, do you cry with sadness or calmly lose your cell phone number or bank card?

Love for many years, suddenly decided to leave, you plead or retention is not working, you will curse yourself blind, fell in love with a negative person, or each good, and strive to become a better version of yourself, looking for a better TA?

If a loved one was suddenly diagnosed with a serious illness, in the face of high costs, you will despair, or give him confidence, do what you can.


This world is not easy for anyone's life, don't easily laugh at other people's difficulties, and don't easily magnify your frustrations. The so-called growth, but with a variety of examples, again and again, breaks through your perception, so that you from amazement take it for granted.

When you feel that you can't go on, instead of giving up on yourself, you should catch up; when you feel that learning difficulties, escape or fantasy is meaningless, find ways, and hard work, and there will be the possibility of change; when you feel that promotion is hopeless, self-sacrifice or slacking off, will only make you go further and further off.

Life will always have its way to push us to the edge, a retreat, and escape will only make us farther and farther away from our dreams. So, don't be afraid to face it, and move on, when you become stronger, life will return you to a better you.


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