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Ladies, Love Can Wait

by Jan Magallon 2 years ago in single

A little reminder that rushing is never a good thing.

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There are times that we feel like we're being left behind, friends are either getting married, getting engaged, or having kids. That feeling that we're running out of time as we see everyone else moving on with their lives—but, here you are, feeling stuck in a job, and contemplating if you should eat that pizza at three in the morning. You say you're okay, but some nights are just crippling with sadness with the same old routine, and having no one to feel excited about life with.

Then, you go around swiping on all your online dating app accounts, making conversations about almost the same thing over and over again ("What are your hobbies?", "What do you do for work?", and, most of all, "Tell me about yourself."), trying to make sense of if it's even worth it, to tell these four guys everything about you, and be on the safe side since you know pretty well, at the end of this week, only one of them won't leave you unread, with a possible date the upcoming weekend.

You know well that you have so much more you want to do with your life, if it's wanting to travel, getting drunk in Napa, find a more fulfilling job, discover passion or passions, and being recognized for it. Somehow, you feel something is missing, a certain emptiness that you couldn't point out, and guess what? You always misunderstood it as the need to find a "boyfriend." Soul-searching and finding yourself are the most important things before committing yourself to a relationship—Be a whole person first, before giving a certain percentage of your heart to someone else.

Aren't you fed up with starting over and over again, with someone new you met online? Only getting one date, lucky if it even goes to a second or third date? You probably hit it off, and ended up getting a third date, but do you really feel like it's the missing piece you've been looking for? What if he doesn't feel the same way? What then? You'll soon find yourself being stuck in a situation that feels more like an obligation rather than a relationship. You'll end up hurting the other person when you decide to end things, or when he decides to. There are way too many selfish people in this world—don't be one.

We fantasize too much on how we want to find love, but it's not in our control. It never was, and never will be. Sure, we hear about people get married after three months of dating, but that's how life works. They probably waited for that person for a long time to come along, and had worked on themselves for a while, then the universe decided that it was time. Not everyone's story is going to be the same; there's always going to be a reason for everything, and you'll soon find out what it is when you reach to that point.

We have to always remember that what's ours will be ours in time. Just go with the flow of your life, and make the best out of it. Learn how to let go of your fears of being alone; it's better to wait a lifetime for the right one, than be with the wrong one for all your life. Love is always a gamble, and no one knows what will happen next, but never be willing to lose yourself in the process.

Calm down, and relax. Find yourself and what really makes you happy, without having to depend it on someone else. Mr. Knight In Shining Armor will eventually come, and you'll be 100 percent ready when he does. Being the green-eyed monster does not look good on you, and remember that just because your friend's time to meet their Knight came earlier than yours, doesn't mean your time won't come, too.


Jan Magallon

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Jan Magallon
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