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Is Your Relationship a False Twin Flame or Karmic Relationship?

by Jocelyn Joy Thomas 9 months ago in marriage / love / divorce / dating / breakups
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What’s the difference? How to know and what to do

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Twin flame relationships are a wonderful and beautiful experience. They are heart-centered and passionate relationships. Understandably, a lot of people want to experience this type of love. Some believe they have but often there is confusion, uncertainly over whether or not they have actually met their twin.

I was an intuitive reader for over twenty years and a great amount of my work was focused on love and relationships. I looked into thousands of relationships and read the inner workings of them. I came across a lot of karmic relationships as well as soulmate and twin flame relationships. I also learned about something called false twins.

False Twin

At first, this type of partner will dazzle you, it will feel as if you have entered a fairy tale. In the beginning, you feel absolutely swept off your feet. The false twin relationship has so many bright spots, it can take some time to see it isn’t really a twin flame union.

So much of the relationship feels like a twin flame union, but it turns out, over time, that the false twin is actually a karmic partner.

A false twin is a step above a typical karmic relationship. The lessons are greater, the entire purpose of the relationship with a false twin is to prepare you for your twin flame relationship. Yet, like all karmic relationships, the false twin will not match up well with you. Some will be unavailable, others will be distant, cold, critical, or simply on a very different page than you.

Karmic Relationship

A karmic partner enters your life in a pronounced way. You will feel a sense of familiarity, as you have known this partner in past lifetimes. Karmic connections can feel very happy at first, the relationship will tend to have a pattern of highs and lows.

The karmic relationship causes confusion, there are many questions. Are they the right one for you? Should you stay in the relationship? How do they really feel? The relationship usually gives off red flags. While they can go ignored, there is usually a feeling of uncertainty that those red flags leave no matter how love-blind someone becomes.

Karmic relationships offer valuable lessons, they are like stepping stones toward healthier relationships.

Stand in twin flame

This is typically a soulmate partner, someone who stands in the place of a twin flame. Sometimes, we cannot be with our twin, they may not have incarnated this time around, or they may be unavailable for some other reason.

The stand-in twin flame comes in to help you learn lessons you would have learned had your twin had been able to be in your life.

Not to be confused with a false twin, they offer more heartfelt experiences and the tone of the relationship will be far more harmonious overall.

What to do

It's important to note that all relationships, no matter what we call them, require work. There is no perfect union. We must work at communication, compromise, and be realistic with our expectations.

We must put in work on ourselves as well. Noticing our patterns, and keeping healthy boundaries. Too often people discard a relationship in hopes of finding a more idealized one, sadly that doesn't exist. Other times, people stay in relationships long past their expiration date for fear of being alone.

Find yourself. This is the most important thing you can do right now, in any moment. Once you know the answer to who you are and where you are going, you will know what your needs are and whether or not the relationship you are in (or were in) is the right one for you. You are in control, you get to make the decision, but do take time to know yourself.

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