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How Do You Repair A Broken Marriage (How To Fix A Broken Marriage Alone)

Are you worried about your marriage, saying to yourself how do you repair a broken marriage? If so then it's important that you don't make the mistake that most people make in this situation. This article will tell you how to fix a broken marriage alone.

By Amora StevPublished 2 years ago 6 min read

Are you in trouble with your marriage? Do you need To fix a broken marriage? In the year 2009, you are not alone! In fact, due to this economic crisis we have experienced throughout the world, there are a lot of marriages under threat of marriage breakup. Whats the reason for this you say? The reason why many couples are on the verge of marriage breakdown is because married couples, especially young married couples find it increasingly difficult to maintain married life.

One of the big reasons why marriage breakup happens in a recession like this is because of the loss of either spouses job puts financial pressure and strain on their marriage. Worrying about how they are going to have enough money to pay all their household bills each month like their monthly mortgage bill or money for putting food on the table for them and their young family. Young couples see an "easy" short term solution... and that is to break up the marriage and perhaps divorce.

They believe that this solution is the best, when really.... its probably the worst case scenario. This is especially true if the troubled married couple has not even made one single effort to fix their broken marriage! An Attempt to fix their marriage could result in them being able to conquer their troubles and worries in married life and begin to live a more stress free and troubled free life with each other.

In addition to what I have said, it is very possible to save your marriage and begin to fix it. As long as you know what you are doing. This process is very possible in achieving great results. Its not going to be the easiest thing in the world to do. However, with the right guidance you will make a huge positive impact to fixing your marriage!

Below are some of the Steps you can use To correct the problems you are having in your marriage.

1. Understand the Problems and Issues

The first step in fixing a broken marriage is to first identify all the problems you are encountering in your marriage. Write them down clearly with your spouse. Brainstorm it together as you both come up with all the issues you are both experiencing in your troubled marriage. Once complete, move to the next step.

2. Compromise & learn to Forgive

Once you have identified all the issues you are having in your marriage, its now time to compromise with each other and forgive each other for all the problems you have encountered together as a married couple. Nobody is perfect in this world, and people certainly act differently in stressful situations. Forgive and make up! Understand that its only human to act like this, but at the same time know that their is a better way to behave under stressful situations and commit to making changes in that part of your married life!

3. Tackle one problem at a time.

So often the problems in marriages accumulate over the years and because of fear of conflict or perhaps frustration, they aren't dealt with. Then one day one or both spouses reach their limit and can no longer tolerate the problems or each other and a marriage crisis is on hand.

Now, because the problems are now at the crisis stage (meaning thoughts of leaving are present or thinking that all love and hope is gone) there is an urgency to fix all the problems in the broken marriage at the same time. This can be harmful in many instances.

Instead of trying to solve all of the problems at once and failing, why not try to tackle them one at a time. The problems weren't created in one day so don't set false expectations that they can be solved all at once. Give your marriage a chance by tackling the most troubling problems one at a time.

4. Be consistent while fixing a broken marriage.

It's very easy to let emotions and bad advice cause you to change your mind and heart as you work through your marriage problems. It will help you in repairing your marriage if you can know what you really want and need and stick to it. Don't flip-flop on what your spouse needs to do to save your marriage. Also, don't try to manipulate, control or play mind games with your spouse. This will hurt your chances of fixing your marriage for good.

The key to fixing a broken marriage is clear communication and very clear expectations.

I believe fixing a broken marriage is much easier than ending a marriage and starting over. Sometimes it's easy to think that living free and single again will be refreshing, exciting and marvelous. However, fixing a broken marriage can be rewarding, revitalizing and blissful. It's also less painful and less expensive.

Build a Strong Relationship With Your Spouse

Everyone probably agrees that love and respect are important foundations of a strong spouse relationship. However, there are a few more things that can help build a strong relationship, in addition to love and respect.

No matter whether you are newly married, or have been married for many years, can you recall how you treated your partner when you first met and were dating? Most likely you treated your partner not only with great respect, but also with love, kindness and thoughtfulness.

However, it seems to be the human nature and very common that when we know someone for a longer time, we usually tend to be less kind toward them. Unfortunately, we gradually start to take many things for granted and make a big but wrong assumption that our love ones will be there for us, no matter what happens.

How did you behave at the last time you went for shopping, talking to the cashier? Or just the last time when you have a chat with a stranger. Do you remember your tone of voice and your words? Were you trying to be sweet when you talked? So they could have an impression that how polite you were after you walked away.

Now compare those images with the way you talked to your spouse the last time. Were they the same sweet tones of voice as you used for those strangers? Probably not the same. Think in the other way - When you get upset about something, how do you sound? Do you think you will speak in that way to any stranger? If you answer is negative, then you are doing something not fair to your spouse.

It happens a lot to our family, parents, children and even close friends. People most likely would feel ashamed and compelled to change if they could really see what they have done in those conversations with their loved ones. The truth behind might be that for someone they do not know well, they would not speak that way to potentially hurt the person.

Good spouse relationships are based on kindness. It is normal that people get angry and then say something that he or she regrets. However, you can keep minimizing the chance for that by thinking, for example, how you would treat your boss when you speak to him. Do the same thing to your spouse.

Another valuable character is to be thoughtful to your spouse. It seems that the longer people are in a relationship, the easier people are ignorant of it. It is absolutely worthy that you show thoughtfulness to your spouse at all time.

The relationship in your marriage is somewhat very dynamic, either in progress or regress. When love and respect come with kindness and thoughtfulness in your relationship, they will make yours as an enduring and everlasting spouse relationship.

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