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A Meta Group dedicated to challenges: What we do, how to use it, and why you need to join ASAP. Brought to you by The Vocal Creators Chronicle.

By Call Me LesPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
Top Story - October 2021
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Updated September 30 2022

As promised, the next Dragon Challenge is finally here! Details below:

Back in October 2021, your editors at the Vocal Creators Chronicle designed a Facebook space exclusively for reading, sharing, and chatting about Vocal Challenges. We were prompted by the beautiful chaos of the the first ever V+ Fiction Awards.




A Facebook group dedicated to Vocal Challenges!

Great Incantations is a private space, so it's a place to get real and request feedback and proofreading before you distribute your work elsewhere in your ecosystem. It also lets you comment on others' work discreetly away from their audience on Vocal. Not sure how to give good feedback? Check out Tom's article below. And if you're feeling brave... try your luck in Madoka Mori's Iron Maiden.


1. Challenge Posts Only

*Unless it's related to a Vocal challenge (writing for, about, how-to, self-care, a book spin-off), don't post it, please. Welcome posts are fine and congratulating posts for winners are cool, too.

*New: due to the dwindling challenges, we now allow challenge submissions from anywhere. Please share if you find out about a contest!

2. Be Kind and Courteous

We're all in this together to create a welcoming environment. Keep it constructive and follow the hashtags. No hate speech or bullying. Let's do our best to celebrate the winners and build each other up to try again.

We use #hashtags to navigate social nuances. Summary here:

And return your reads, folks. Best way to network and grow. If you read theirs, feel free to post yours in the comments with a note!


1. Can I post about any challenge?

Yes, you can post about any Vocal challenge new or past.

2. Do I need to be a Vocal+ member to join Great Incantations?

No, you don't need to be a Vocal+ member to join the group. But to enter the most awesome challenges, yeah, you need to join Vocal+.

3. Can I discuss how to improve my writing in general beyond the challenge?

Yes, you can, but Café is amazing for discussions. Caitlin McColl has developed a friendly, welcoming space. We highly recommend supplementing your chatting with The Vocal Café. Just note you can't post your links there. Chatter only.

4. How do I improve my promotions and understanding of how to use Vocal? And what if I also write on Medium?

Visit The Medium & Vocal Creators Support Group and check out Judey Kalchik's Guides. While there, check out the Vocal Cooks Collaborative for yummy recipes to fuel your long days of writing ahead

5. Where else can I go to increase my reads?

Come over to Vocal Social Society! We have tons of threads and ways to engage. Our game, "Whose Link Is It Anyway", has become a huge hit!

6. Why did you title it Great Incantations?

a) Because with the number of contestants in each challenge, we're gonna need some magic on our keyboards to win.

b) It's a word play on Great Expectations, which is in tribute to a Dickensian Author who would have adored this challenge-focused space.

7. Why should I enter a Vocal Challenge?

There's a story for that.

"I've entered ten contests (to date) on Vocal+ for less than the cost of Netflix. And let me be honest, if I'm sat in front of a computer screen and my hands are idle, I'm gonna start snacking, which means the only thing likely to gain a couple of pounds isn't my wallet. Thanks to being a Vocal+ member, I've done some of my best fiction and non-fiction writing of my life. I've been a Vocal member for merely a month, but I've already swapped ideas, made bigger plans and met some incredible people." -Call Me Les

8. I'm starting to feel worn out. How can I practice self-care?

Natasja Rose & Caroline Jane have you covered.


What other stuff do you do there?


Faceoff against folks you know in a bracket challenge. Run by Steven Lance. For example results, see this article.


Both Vocal Social Society and Great Incantations are brought to you by:

The Vocal Creators Chronicle: A by Creators & for Creators magazine.

The magazine is on pause at the moment, but our content is still up for viewing.

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About the VCC Editors Call Me Les & Caroline Jane

Les: You can go official and check out her Vocal Spotlight or, better yet, read her own silly summary. She's an open book and the kind friend you have yet to make.

Caroline Jane: Our dedicated musketeer determined to champion talent wherever she finds it. Always dreaming big although her feet are firmly on the ground. Here's an article about Caroline that tells you way too much about her!

Until next time, reminding you we are #bettertogether.

Go ahead. #BeVocal.

Vocal Is For Everyone.

Join Vocal+ today and start publishing your creations alongside thousands of other talented Creators.

Our email is always open. Share your kindness. Celebrate life.

Message the Editors: Les or Caroline, and let them know what you are thinking about. Address: [email protected] or through Messenger on our Facebook page.

Important Note: While we love the brand that gives our creations a place in the world, The Vocal Creators Chronicle is an independent, fan-based publication. We are NOT Vocal Media, and we neither represent them, work for them nor answer questions on their behalf. All Vocal inquires should be directed to their support staff, starting here: SUPPORT. You may also find relevant information through their resources section, which can be found here: RESOURCES.

First published by Call Me Les October 15, 2021

Updated January 3, 2022 by Call Me Les

Updated June 22, 2022 by Call Me Les & Caroline Jane

Updated September 30, 2022 by Call Me Les

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    Do you guys help with poetry?

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    So that's where the pros hang out 😍 I'll join once I overcome my shyness, haha!

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