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Grandpa's vegetable patch

by NatalieMarmol 4 months ago in family
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Grandpa's house has a beautiful little vegetable garden, and this is my paradise,

Grandpa's vegetable patch
Photo by PHÚC LONG on Unsplash

Grandpa's house has a beautiful little vegetable garden, and this is my paradise, a place with stunning views all year round.

In spring, the wind blows warmly and turns grandpa's vegetable patch green. Green vegetables with small green leaves, from the soil inside out, from a distance like a green gem; cabbage with natural curls of hair, slowly and leisurely stretching, stretching the body, and some vegetables just sprouted buds, although not yet grown, all glowing with vitality.

In summer, the small vegetable garden, vegetables grow very luxuriant, vegetables you squeeze I touch, lush, it is beautiful! Especially the "big flower" standing in the sunlight, is cauliflower, the cauliflower leaves are green, peel the leaves inside is a small ball like a flower, if you break it into half and half, it will become an edible "flower". If you break it in half, it will become an edible "flower".

In autumn, the garden is a bountiful scene, with many vegetables ripening. There are pumpkins, cabbages, and so on. Look, the thin vine of winter melon, quietly from the shelf full of climbing ground, follow the vine can feel a big winter melon.

When it snows in winter, the small vegetable garden is bare, and it is like a silver carpet, it is beautiful! Even in the cold winter, the brave cabbage is not afraid of the wind and snow, the cabbage in the land seems to be saying, "I am not afraid of you, I will grow white and fat."

The little vegetable garden is not only beautiful but also brings me a lot of joy!

When the vegetables in the garden are ripe, they attract many insects, bees, butterflies, dragonflies, grasshoppers, everything. I sometimes take the net to catch the flower butterfly, it will fly into the flowers for a while, I look around the vegetable garden, and when I find the butterfly, quietly go over, the butterfly seems to know that I am looking for it, but also stop on the cauliflower, smiling and saying: "You come over! You can't catch me!" I didn't have the composure to run over, and the smart little butterfly flew away again, and I walked away lost. At that moment, grandpa called me to go over and water with him. I immediately ran to grandpa, picked up the water bottle, and watered every vegetable, and when I got to the last one, I thought: if I water more, will the vegetable grow faster? When I finished pouring, I found that the vegetable had not only not grown taller, but had fallen. Grandpa knocked my head lightly and said with a smile, "Did you like the vegetable too much and watered it too much?" I lowered my head in shame, and Grandpa continued, "Little fool, that vegetable is just like you, if you eat the same thing too much you will also be uncomfortable!" I instantly understood, "Since you love these vegetables so much, then you help them hoe! This way they have more nutrients to grow faster!" I picked up the hoe and did it. I was happy to think that I would be praised later, but after a while, my grandfather came over and yelled, "Little troublemaker, why did you shovel all my leeks!" When I heard that, I thought, "This is the end. I dropped the hoe and ran. That was the experience that made me never think of "leeks" as weeds again!

The garden is a fascinating and fun place. I love my paradise, my grandfather's garden!

I like it here, it gives me infinite warmth and happiness


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